September Forum Thread Provides Matched Betting Success

September Forum Thread Provides Matched Betting Success

Matched betting is a way of using a free bet or a bonus to make an expected profit from a bookmaker offer. The great news is, there have been plenty of offers available in recent times, which is how we were able to launch the thread, ‘How To Make £300 In September Part Time’ in our matched betting forum.

Our thread involved updating the opening post each and every day, providing our members with offers that could be turned into a real cash profit on those days. As you will be able to tell from the title of the thread, the original target was to make £300 in profit by the end of the month of September, but by the time the 1st October came around our expected profit total was actually £541.50.

Reaching this total over the course of the month meant that the forum thread was hugely successful. We take a lot of pride in making sure our members make money while they are with us and this thread meant that a lot of our valued members were able to make money throughout the month. In terms of how we find the offers, our team of experts make sure to check each bookmaker’s website every single day in order to chose the offers that will offer the best value from a matched betting point of view.

The offers that are listed in the forum thread are chosen specifically because they are easy to complete. Thus, our members can use them to make a part time income on the side, while leaving plenty of time for other activities. Let’s take a look at some of the offers that were included in September’s thread.

Matched Betting Offers Used

Coral: £10 Free Bet on Loss Football – Expected Profit: £5.50

This is an offer that Coral like to promote for big games, such as the pick of the weekend’s Premier League action or a massive Champions League or international fixture. On occasion, it may even be offered twice in the same week, which means we can make a good amount of estimated profit. Each time, the offer is worth £5.50 which is a great addition to our matched betting exploits.

How the offer works is to place a £10 in-play bet on the chosen matches and get your stake back as a free bet if it loses. Due to this, an expected profit can be made with the help of our matched betting calculator, using ‘Freebet on Loss’. If your bet loses you will be credited with a £10 free bet to be used in-play and if your bet wins you will have made your profit and will be done with the offer.

Ladbrokes: 2x£5 In-Play Bets Football – Expected Profit: £7

Again, for big football matches this offer gave us the opportunity to turn an offer into expected profit. As an example, this offer was to place a single Pre-Match bet of £10 or more on the Everton v Burnley match on Sunday 1st October 2017, in order to then receive 2 x £5 free bets to use In-Play, one on Everton v Burnley and one on Newcastle v Liverpool.

Using ‘Normal Bet’ on the calculator for the qualifier and ‘Freebet’ for both free bets, we were able to turn the offer into an expected profit of around £7 when it was all complete.

Paddy Power: VIPP Club – Expected Profit: £5

This is one of many Free Bet Club offers that were used in order to add to our ongoing matched betting profits. The best thing about these particular offers are that they can be completed each and every week, so they could be added to the forum thread each time. It is important not to forget about these Free Bet Clubs, as they really do provide a lot of matched betting value.

The Paddy Power VIPP offer requires you to place five £10 bets between Monday and Sunday to receive a £10 free bet the following Monday. You’ll have to make sure you are opted-in to the promotion before placing your five qualifying bets, which must be placed on selections with odds of 1.5 or greater. Once you have your free bet, it must be used by 23:59 on the following Sunday. Once complete, the offer should provide you with around £5 in profit each week.

Other bookmakers that have Free Bet Clubs include Sky Bet, Coral, Unibet, Betway and Mr Green among others. When new offers are added, we will always look to include them in our forum threads if they are easy enough to complete and will provide our members with value when matched betting.

Matched Bets Support Forum

It was not just September that we had a thread running though, we also listed one in August that was updated with new offers each day. For August, the estimated profit amount was £604.50. When added to the £541.50 that was listed for the September thread, our Matched Bets members could have made £1146 in estimated profit over just two months when following our forum threads every day.

Since the forum threads have been so successful, we have of course launched a new thread on ‘How to make £300 in October – part time’, which can be found in our matched betting forum. As with the two months prior, this thread will be updated every single day.

In addition to using our forum to follow these threads, it can also be used to ask our experienced support team any questions that you may have about the service or matched betting in general. You can discuss specific offers, the tools that we provide or the strategy for matched betting. Of course, it’s not only our support team that you can chat to, fellow Matched Bets members will also be there to join in the discussion.

All of the offers that we list in the forum threads also have their own step by step guides in the members section of We make it very easy for you to complete each offer, as each guide explains exactly what you need to do in order to turn bookmaker offers into expected cash profits.



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