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University can be tough. Let me rephrase that. University is tough. Countless lectures to attend, a seminar where you can barely remember what you’ve been studying the past two years and of course, a lack of money.

Student loans have become the bane of existence for many a student. From Day 1, having to rely on tuition fees, maintenance and sometimes having to go into overdraft, you’ll be leaving University out of pocket and out of luck.

It doesn’t have to be like that though, because with MatchedBets, you can be leaving with a degree and some extra cash without breaking sweat. From earning an extra tenner or £20, or £500 in a month, matched betting can save a student.

Matched betting can save a student, plain and simple. From the very moment you place your first bet, you’ll already be preparing to rake in a nice little earner in 20 minutes. On those long days where lectures can seem like an eternity, stuck in a notoriously cold building, matched betting can save you in these frozen days. Don’t let the student loan carry you through University, being spoon-fed along the way – take the bull by the horns and start earning.

Firstly though, what exactly is matched betting? For starters, it is not gambling. The idea of matched betting is that you never lose, only win. It is a risk-free, legal way of making money on a continuous, never-ending basis. How about that eh?

With MatchedBets, match betting can help save the student, and you could join a whole host of individuals who are profiting as we speak.

The idea behind matched betting is via two things – free bet incentives and lay betting. A free bet is what the bookies try to use to entice you to signing up. For example, bet £10 and get a free £10 bet. The majority sign up, lose their initial £10 and then either make a measly £1 off their free bet, or lose that as well.

Matched betting changes that.

With matched betting, you use a betting exchange account to maximise your profits and completely alienate losing money. By lay betting, which basically means selling a bet, is going against something happening. Most bets are backed bets, such as Liverpool to beat Burnley at 2.00. Instead, you also lay bet at 2.02 totalling £10.05, for Liverpool not to win. With your £10, you end up losing out on just £0.25.

Finding another sporting event, keeping with football, is Ipswich to beat Sheffield Wednesday at 5.00. Using your free bet, you bet the full amount, and also lay bet with the same odds of 5.00. Making sure stake not returned bet is selected, you lay bet £8.05, and win a profit of £7.80. All like that, in 20 minutes.

MatchedBets can help find these incentives, odds and even calculator the exact amount to lay bet. No longer will you be shopping the discount aisle in supermarkets or buying that beer no one really likes. Matched betting can save the student, and you could be one of them.



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