Rugby Betting – Everything You Need To Know

rugby betting

There are many reasons why rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world. Its competitiveness makes it a fun sport to watch, and you can play it anywhere with your friends or family members. All you need is a rugby ball, some yards of grass, and you can play it virtually anytime and anywhere. 

More importantly, as far as the context of this article is concerned, rugby, to some extent, owes its popularity due to the fame it enjoys among betters. Hence the reason why there are innumerable online bookmakers offering oodles of rugby markets. Where you can follow all the popular events like Rugby Super League, for example.

Read on to know more about betting in rugby. 

Getting a grip over the rules

Before you start learning about rugby rules, you should know that there are two bodies that regulate rugby worldwide – Rugby Union and Rugby League. Their split came due to a difference of opinion over how injured players should be treated. The resulting division resulted in the formation of both these bodies which, in turn, have created several similar as well as different rules over the years. 

Therefore, before you place your bet on rugby, go through the rulebooks of both these bodies. Afterwards, check out the type of rugby you want to be on. Only then should you proceed and place a bet. 

How to find a reliable rugby betting site?

As you might guess, there are innumerable betting websites giving you the option of staking your money on various markets. What you should know as well is that not all these markets are trustworthy. It goes without saying that you should only create an account on those sites that you deem reliable.

To make sure you end up on one, read customer reviews of the betting website on which you’re going to create an account. Make sure that the site on which you’re going to deposit your money has a proper license and operates under rules and regulations set up by the respective gambling commissions. 

That would most likely give you multiple options. To shorten the list, compare the bonuses, free bets, promotions, and cashback offers of each website. 

Types of Rugby Bets

Common sense tells us that there are many betting options that bookies make available for betters. The most popular among them are as follows. To find out more options, you might have to visit the websites of the betting service providers. 

  • Handicap: To even out the betting, you’d see bookies offering handicaps on sides that are favourite to win. Some bookies go one step extra and allow you – the better – to select the handicap market that you think will suit you the best. 
  • Total 2-Way: Bet placed on the number of points in a game is known as a total 2-way bet. Bookies set a limit over/under which the punters place their bets. 
  • Total 3-Way: There is one difference between this and the previous bet. While bookies set 2 different lines in the total 2-way bet, they set 3 different lines in this one. 
  • Double Result: Bet on the team leading on the half time as well as the one that will win the game at full time.
  • Draw No Bet: It’s a bet which gets void if the match ends in a draw. 
  • Winning Margin: In this bet, punters stake their money on how much lead the winning team will over the losing team at full time? 
  • Team to Score First: Self-explanatory. 
  • Team Scoring First Wins Game: Self-explanatory. 

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