QuinnBet Offers Provide Potential Profit Opportunities

QuinnBet Offers Provides Potential Profit Opportunities

Though they are still one of the newer bookmakers on the internet, QuinnBet are starting to make a splash in an ultra competitive industry. The QuinnBet horse racing and football markets attract a lot of attention from normal punters, but it is their promotions page that is most interesting to us as matched bettors.

Who are QuinnBet bookmakers?

  • Describe themselves as Ireland and the UK’s newest online sportsbook provider
  • Based in the Republic of Ireland and are a wholly owned Irish Company
  • Run by the family of experienced bookmaker Seán Quinn
  • Seán Jnr will be acting as the CEO, with other Quinn family members taking on important positions within the company
  • Aim of the sportsbook is to offer the best product, market-range and pricing for Ireland’s unique punters
  • The website is being powered by FSB Tech
  • Offer markets on a number of sports, with a focus on football and horse racing

Launching a new sportsbook is a very bold move, but the family are hopeful that this venture will be a success. Clearly, there is plenty of betting industry knowledge within the company which will be a massive help in both the short term and long term.

The company have recently opened an office in Ballyconnell, sticking to their Irish roots.

Matched Betting With QuinnBet

As mentioned, it is the promotions currently listed on the site that have attracted our attention straight away. It is interesting that such a new bookmaker already has a couple of good offers listed. It just goes to show that they really do mean business, and acquiring new customers as well as keeping customers for the long term is a key part of their business plan.

Here are the special offers on the site at the moment, that can potentially be turned into a profit thanks to matched betting techniques.

New Customer Offer

QuinnBet recently decided to alter their new customer offer, which has actually made it more profitable from a matched betting point of view. The previous new customer offer had an estimated profit value of £4, while the new offer has an estimated profit value of £25.

Sign up for a QuinnBet account,  make a deposit using one of their many payment options, place a bet of £20 or more and if it loses, you’ll receive 50% of your stake back as a free bet, up to the maximum amount of £100. The minimum odds for this are 2.0.

It must be pointed out that you must have a bank of around £1200 in order to cover the potential rollover. The first step for this offer is to sign up for an account with QuinnBet. This is a very simple process and just requires you to enter some personal details. Then, you must place your first bet on the site. If you want to eventually qualify for the full £100 free bet, then you must bet £200. As there could be a 3x rollover, we suggest that you set the free bet retention amount to 50% on the matched betting calculator. If your first bet then wins, you will have made a profit and will be finished with the offer after this step.

If the bet loses, you will be given a refund of 50% of your stake. You will be given a £10 free bet whatever happens, though you will need to complete the wagering in order to claim the rest of the free bet. It is easy enough to finish the wagering. All you need to do is place 3 separate bets to the same amount as your first bet, which would be £200 each time if you are going for the full £100 free bet. Once done, you will be credited with the free bets. You will then be able to use these to make an expected profit, with the help of our matched betting calculator.

It is certainly well worth signing up with QuinnBet in order to claim this offer. After the welcome offer is done, there are a few other offers that may be of interest on the QuinnBet website.

Best Odds Guaranteed

This potential profit offer could be worthwhile. If you have never encountered Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) before, it means that if you have taken a price on a horse or a dog and the Starting Price (SP) is bigger, QuinnBet will pay you out at the bigger price.

BOG is available on all UK and Irish horse racing as well as UK and Irish BAGS/BEGS greyhound racing. There are plenty of matched bettors that love this offer. Firstly, it can add a lot of value to your bet and secondly, it is very easy to claim.

As an example of how it works when using matched betting, if you placed a £20 bet on a horse to win at Cheltenham with back odds of 15.00 with QuinnBet and lay odds of 15.00 on the exchange, you would lose around £0.40 either way. However, if the Starting Price rose to 15.50 on QuinnBet, your profit would take a massive increase to £9.58 if the horse was to win.

Quinn’s Quarterback

This offer gives you the chance to get up to 25% of weekly net losses each week refunded as a free bet. Net losses means that your cumulative losses with the bookmaker must exceed your cumulative wins for the week. For the purpose of the offer, QuinnBet state that a week starts at 00.01 on a Monday and finishes at 23:59 on Sunday.

The strategy is to place back bets and lay against each bet on the exchange. You will then hope to lose with QuinnBet and win on the exchange. If this happens, you will be credited with 25% of all net losses as a free bet, which can then be used to turn into an expected cash profit. Admittedly, this is not the easiest offer to complete, so should only be done by experienced matched bettors.

Overall, these offers can be turned into a profit if things go your way. Here at MatchedBets.com, we check each bookmaker site every day and run the rule over any new offers that are added. If an offer can be turned into an expected profit through matched betting, then we will create a step by step guide for it. These will be added to the 50+ sign up offers we already have listed, in addition to the reload, accumulator and casino offers.



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