Place Your Bets: Liverpool v Tottenham

Liverpool v Tottenham

There are not many more games to go now before the season comes to an end, but for the remaining games, the betting odds are great. When Liverpool meet Tottenham at home on Sunday 31st March who is the smart odds on? looks at the performance of both teams and their current form to see where you should be placing your bets for this game.


Liverpool has had an amazing season and are sitting on top of the table with only Manchester City really in a position to topple them. Of course, the current title holders are looking for their second win, and the reds haven’t managed to take the title for more years than they care to remember, and are finally in reaching distance. At the moment the battle could not be closer with a two-point difference between them, so Liverpool will undoubtedly be looking for three points from every match they have left. But, Tottenham could be a harder match to win. To be fair the last six games on the Liverpool sheet have been strong, there are no losses, with four wins and two draws, with just one game big from the Champions League rather than the Premier League. This is a strong squad, and Jürgen Klopp has said before that he believes his team has what it takes to finally lift the silverware and take the title this year. It is now about keeping their nerve, not getting complacent and finishing strongly no matter which team comes out of the tunnel with them.


Currently sitting third on the table their position is a little more precarious and indeed more hotly contested. Finishing in the top four is the aim, but there are three other teams who can pull this off, and all of them will be looking to take it. Currently Arsenal is in fourth, Manchester United in fifth, a position that looked so unlikely for them when they sacked their manager, but no one knew how influential caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would prove to be, and finally Chelsea in sixth place. The thing is they can all scrape enough points to take either of the two remaining top four places, so the heat really is on for Tottenham.

Currently, the points sit at 61, 60, 58 and 57 respectively with all to play for.

Their last six games tell something of a different story to opponents Liverpool, with three losses, two wins and one draw against Arsenal their nearest rival. Meeting Liverpool is the hardest game they have left this season, and most people do not believe they can take three points. If they play well and unnerve the reds, they may be able to hold it at a draw which will give them a precious point to help maintain their position. However, whatever happens, Mauricio Poncettino is going to be pushing his team hard to keep that top four placing a reality.

Prediction 2-1 win to Liverpool, but if they are not on the ball so to speak 1-1 draw.

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