Picking The NBA Champs: 5 Points Why Lakers Can Secure The NBA Trophy

Picking The NBA Champs

The NBA is a league of basketball superstars, and they dictate the whole flow and outcome of the game. This year, the NBA was frozen in the second quarter but has successfully moved forward a few months ago. In fact, the NBA is now down to the Conference Finals, with only four teams remaining to vie for the final two spots. 

Whether it’s a surprise or not, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of four teams to work out in the Western Conference Finals. They had their last stint in 2010, and now that they are back, they won’t surely let the chance slip away. After LeBron James got traded by the Lakers in 2018, it seems that this group is heading to the right track on the NBA road. 

After the LA Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets in the Conference Semifinals, LeBron James won a historic 16th NBA-All Team. Today, as they wrestle against the Denver Nuggets in the Conference Finals, will their weapons be enough to take home the Conference title they never had for ten years? Let’s know how their NBA championship odds look like in their quest for the title this season. 

Lakers’ Player Size 

How big the player looks can be an edge of every NBA team in their quest for the finals title. If there is a team that has the best players in the field both in the offense and defense side, the LA Lakers are the prime choice. It’s why this year, they have been topping the chart when it comes to blocking. 

Starting with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, these two players are the Lakers’ monster players. Aside from them, JaVale McGee has been a top-caliber player in the center. These three talents will surely step up in their upcoming games, and if they leverage their size, the Lakers can end up victorious. 

LeBron And Davis Tandem 

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have the most impressive resume in today’s NBA season. The Lakers are lucky to have them, which was the reason why they survived in the semis. Not only that, but these talents are two of the best NBA players in history and the top duo you’ll see in the league.

Looking into their all-time NBA records, LeBron is undeniably a clever playmaker that averages 25.7 PPG (points per game) and 10.6 APG (assists per game). Meanwhile, Anthony Davis is tallying 9.4 RPG and 26.7 PPG. These guys can indeed be a pain in the neck for the Nuggets in the Finals, which is surely a double threat for them. 

J.R. Smith Is A Revelation 

Avery Bradley should have been a stable player for the Lakers, but he left the team this year.  Frank Vogel had to hustle hard in finding a replacement and got J.R. Smith.  The team was hesitant at first, but he made a revelation as he played impressively during the First Round and Conference Semifinals. 

J.R. Smith has the ability to spark in the perimeter when James and Davis need a sharpshooter in the most crucial moment.  He is also useful in three points at any moment of the game. In case you don’t know, the Cleveland Cavaliers have once won their title because of  J.R. Smith’s greatness. 

LeBron James’ Rest Time 

Although the NBA suspension during the middle of the year was a bit disappointing, it gives many advantages to the players. LeBron James was in the league for the longest time and was able to rest. He was able to take some time to boost his energy and get enough time to hone his skills. 

When James can rest properly, he becomes a more dangerous player. It is why the Lakers completely dazzled in the Semis because James was looking healthy. Now that he got his skills upgraded as they face the Nuggets, LeBron James can be fatal and might slay the finals effortlessly. 

Rivals Glaring Weaknesses

The LA Lakers is the only NBA team in the league that has the best talents. Although other teams have strong players to offer, the Lakers are still tougher. These might serve as their rivals’ weakness, and as they face a bigger Lakers, they won’t have enough space to shoot for points. 

Also, if the Lakers’ key players step up during the Conference Finals, they will surely earn the spot in the finals. Either the Celtics or Heat wins the Eastern Finals, and they should still work double to defeat the Lakers. 


The Los Angeles Lakers are clearly one of the biggest favorites this year to win the NBA title. Having the two best players in the league, James and Davis, the team is more likely to slay all their games. Will they take advantage of their greatest strengths to earn the victory they never had since 2010? We’ll all find out soon. 

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