Picking a Winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby

Picking a Winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby

The 2021 Kentucky Derby is coming this May 1, 2021, to be held at the Churchill Downs. This year marks the 147th year of the race. Horse racing enthusiasts and bettors are more than excited to know who will win the race. 

Over the years, the system for horse racing betting has been simple and efficient. With the advent of the internet, betting has become easier and faster. All you need to do is to pick your winner for the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

What is Kentucky Derby betting?

Betting in horse racing is as exciting and historic as the race itself. Horse racing is a complex sport where betting makes it even more complex. Experience plays an important role in making bets. There are many books, publishings, and online references tackling horse race betting. Topics covered by these resources are the breeds, track, training, handicapping, horses, and other things to consider in making bets.

However, this does not mean that a newbie will not be good at making horse racing bets. The best place to start and learn is in the KY Derby race. Betting on horse races can be intimidating at first for newbies. However, you can become a good bettor with a little research in picking your 2021 Kentucky Derby winner. 

You should also be familiar with the mechanics of betting. There is an established protocol for the information you should provide. The essential information is the track name, race number, amount of bet, type of bet, and horse number. You can place your bets at the track site or online, whichever you like. 

Read the program

Before placing your bets for the race day, make sure you read the program. The daily racing program is packed with the information you need to help you choose your favorite horse. The program will show the horse contender and other detailed information about the horse, including its workouts, race history, trainer, and jockey.

Reading the program can be intimidating at first due to the numbers involved. However, with a little guidance and getting used to, you will get the hang of reading the program. You will find your rhythm on how to read the program and can make smart bets.

Observe the horses

If you’re still new to betting, it might be smart to not make a bet right then and there. You should observe the horses. This includes observing the physical appearance of the horse, such as its size and height. What you see with your eyes might help you make a good bet decision. 

If the ears of the horse are large and pointed up, you can assume that it is aware of the surroundings and alert. A horse with good and healthy hair can also mean that it is in its best condition. Also, prominent muscles can mean good training. 

If you feel like big and tall horses are fast on the track, then you should bet on that horse. However, you should also not judge a small horse because it might be faster and stronger than you think. Do not judge the book by its cover. 

Further, it’s not smart to only base your judgment on the physical appearance of the horse, you should also check its demeanor, as well as the demeanor of the trainer and jockey. A horse with a good relationship with its trainer and jockey might be a good bet.

Do your research

The best place to start your research is to know about the horses going to race on the Kentucky Derby. Learn about their racing profiles and current form and compare it to their overall form. It would be helpful to know their current form, the form of their competitors in their previous races, and the distance of the race. 

Second, do your research on the jockeys and trainers of the horses. Both play an essential role in winning the race. This includes preparing the horse for the race, controlling the horse in the course of the race, and riding it to victory. It would also be helpful to know any injuries suffered and whether the training is ethical. 

Have fun

Although betting involves money, you should not get too invested in it. Do not forget to have fun and enjoy the race. You may choose to randomly pick a horse or find other ways to handicap a horse race. Choose the method that best works for you and your money. 


The 2021 Kentucky Derby is still a few months away but horse racing bettors and enthusiasts are excited to know who will win the race. Kentucky Derby betting can be intimidating at first, but you will get better later. Do not forget to read the program, observe the horses, do your research, and have fun. 

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