Online match betting

online match betting

Ah yes. Trudging away from the damp bookies can symbolise many a Saturday evening for some. You elected to put a tenner on Burnley to win versus West Ham, only for Darren Randolph to have a worldie in front of your very eyes. Getting home, you see a missed call from your mate, laughing down the phone as he’s won yet another wager in the two hours you’ve been gone. How does he do it?

Online match betting is the key to make no-risk profits from betting. This is not gambling. You are not playing a game with the bookies and losing. You’re now playing and winning. Online match betting is the ticket you’ve always wanted, to be able to tell your friend you know the secret, and no longer will you be subject to his various taunts as he splashes out on that new watch you had your eye on.

Of course, you’ll ask yourself many questions whether or not there is a risk, how can you know you will make a profit, and just what is matched betting? But online match betting is a piece of cake.

Explaining what matched betting is can be done in just two sentences. You take free bet incentives from the bookies and also join up with a betting exchange account, usually Betfair. With that, you make two lots of bets across both websites, ending in a profit in just 20 minutes. Two sentences, just that easy.

Firstly, you need to find that free bet offer, which all bookmakers will have to entice new customers online. Finding one along the lines of ‘Bet £20 and get a free £20 bet’ and you’re ready to get going.

Choosing a sporting event, say the West Ham and Burnley game, and you place the £20 on the away side to beat the Hammers at 2.00. On the betting exchange site, you the lay bet, meaning you bet for Burnley not to win, at odds of 2.02. An online match betting calculator will tell you to lay bet £20.10, meaning you will only lose £0.50.

With 50p making its way out of your account, you now have that £20 free bet. Finding a similar sporting event, say Swansea versus Hull, the Tigers are 5.00 to walk away with a win. You bet the £20 on those odds, both at the bookies website and on the betting exchange account. Using your trusty calculator, making sure you select ‘free bet stake not returned’, you are told to lay bet £16.10. Whether Hull win or not, you are up £15.60 when accounting for the betting exchange commission.

In 20 minutes, you have made a cosy profit, and you won’t miss that initial 50p. Matched betting is a growing phenomenon, completely above board and as simple as anything.

That friend who always rang you, always gloated about the latest win he’s cashed in on, make sure you give him the call this time. The ominous ring he thought would never come from you, and even he can’t help but smile at your profitable winnings.



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