Online Casino Payment Options

Online Casino Payment Options

Depositing and withdrawing from online casinos, or any betting site for that matter, is something which many players don’t put much thought into. Most opt for the easiest option of using a debit card which they generally use for everyday spending but there are various other payment options which have additional benefits.

You can find what payment options an online casino accepts via their website or if you visit a casino review site such as which has them all listed in one place.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the most popular deposit & withdrawal options and what benefits using each one has.

Debit Cards

As mentioned, debit cards are the most popular choice for funding and withdrawing from betting accounts. They’re a convenient option as most people store their available funds in a bank account which can be accessed easily via a debit card.

Deposits to online casinos using a debit card are usually instant and free but withdrawals can, in some cases, take several days to reach your bank account. This isn’t ideal as you may need these funds for other purposes. Some online casinos may also charge a withdrawal fee for using debit cards, although the majority do not.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be used for betting transactions in a similar way to debit cards. The advantage being that you may have a large amount of credit, allowing for bigger deposits when needed. Deposits & withdrawals are again usually free with deposits being instant and withdrawals taking between 2-5 working days.

It’s important to note that some card issuers may charge for deposits from a credit card and that there may be interest to pay on balances depending on your arrangement.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are, as the name suggests, cards which have been pre-funded. You can use pre-paid cards at a number of online casinos and they have similar deposit & withdrawal times as debit and credit cards. The advantage of using a pre-paid card is that you will not be able to deposit more than the amount you funded your card with, whereas with debit cards, you may have an overdraft and with credit cards, you may have a high line of credit.

A popular pre-paid card is Paysafecard, although some betting sites offer customers their own pre-paid cards.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are not widely used as a transaction method with online casinos but they are widely accepted. Deposits are usually instant but withdrawals can take up to 10 working days to reach your account. Also, depending on your bank, there may be bank charges applied when depositing & withdrawing.


E-Wallets have become a very popular choice among bettors as a way to fund and withdraw from their online casino accounts. The main reason for this is the fast withdraw times. Unlike other methods, e-wallet betting withdrawals can reach your account in under 24 hours, allowing you to be able to access your funds quicker.

There may be charges applied when you withdraw from your e-wallet account to your bank account but users can, in some circumstances, get additional benefits such as cash back for using their e-wallet accounts. Some popular e-wallet providers include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and ecoPayz. Some e-wallet providers also offer users the option of withdrawing their funds via ATM’s using a pre-paid card.

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