Odds Matcher: The Ultimate Matched Bet Finder

When completing matched betting offers, finding a good match yourself can be difficult on occasion. This is because there are a number of things to consider; the relevant market, the selection, the odds on the bookmaker site, the odds on the exchange, the liquidity in the exchange and how close of a match they are. Thankfully we have created a tool that is the perfect matched bet finder, called the Odds Matcher.

The Odds Matcher compares the odds on the bookmaker site to those on four betting exchanges; Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq and Matchbook. Thus, it identifies straight away which exchange offers the closest match for your selection. The closer the match, the more value you can extract from the offer. Not only does it uncomplicate the entire process, it also saves you a lot of time and effort which as matched bettors know is extremely valuable.

The odds on each site and the amount of money available in the exchange are updated within seconds, and the match% amount lets you know how valuable each bet is. The closer to a 100% match, the better. You can also filter the Odds Matcher to show exactly what you need, searching by bookmaker, exchange, sport, market and more.

Not only this, but the direct link to the matched betting calculator means that you can work out exactly what your lay bet needs to be and the profit you will make for both potential outcomes; a win at the bookmaker or a win at the exchange. When clicking on the selection in the Odds Matcher, you will be taken to an already filled in calculator which only requires the bookmaker stake to be added, where you can then click Track Bet to add to your ongoing profit total.

The Odds Matcher provides live odds for around 40 bookmakers, which makes it the must have tool when completing matched betting offers. Including both sign ups and reloads, it ensures you can keep adding to profits month after month.



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