No Need For A Matched Betting Spreadsheet

matched betting calculator

For years, the use of a matched betting spreadsheet was the norm when guaranteeing profit online. It has been used as a way of tracking profits, so that you knew how much you had made from each bookmaker offer.

Here at though, we believe spreadsheets can get a little bit messy and can be difficult to update on a consistent basis. Creating your own spreadsheet with difficult formulas or filling in a template that someone else has created is unnecessarily complicated, and we have done away with the need for it.

This is why we introduced the Bet Tracker, which allows you to calculate your overall profit in just a few clicks. This way you know exactly how much you have made from your matched betting journey at all times, with very little effort on your part.

When completing offers, the two things you need to save are time and money. The offers themselves will take care of the financial side, by adding to your profits, and the Bet Tracker will save you loads of time. As there is no need to log in to a spreadsheet each time you complete a stage of an offer, you will be able to get through more and thus make more money.

Add Profits In A Few Clicks

Our matched betting calculator works out the ideal lay stake for each bet, as well as the profit that you will make if the bookmaker bet wins and if the lay bet wins. The calculator also does away with the need for any spreadsheets, making matched betting so much easier.

When our Odds Matcher tool comes into play, you will not need to find a close match yourself either. All of our tools are linked, which helps save so much time and effort. For example, you can load up the Odds Matcher and click on a match, which then takes you to a pre-filled in calculator with the relevant odds and stake, where you can then click ‘Track Bet’ to add it to profits. Thanks to this, matched betting is the easiest it has ever been.

Though some of our competitors still rely on spreadsheets, you will not have to bother with that at We make sure to show you your profit in the dashboard at all times, which is added in a few easy clicks.



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