Niche Sports for Matched Betting

nfl niche sport for matched betting

In theory, the basic principles of matched bets can be applied to almost any and every sport – which certainly helps to increase the fascination in this unusual mode of sports betting for those who may have previously confined themselves to the obvious horse racing, football and perhaps occasional golf competitions.

Don’t presume that you have exhausted the range of sports that lend themselves to matched betting, until you have at least dabbled in these slightly lesser-known disciplines.

American football (NFL)

Calling American football ‘niche’ may seem a touch harsh,  given the National Football League (NFL)’s status as one of the world’s best-attended domestic sports leagues.

For a while, however, those here in the UK wishing to make money from betting paid little attention to how the likes of the New York Jets fared against the Washington Redskins, or who triumphed out of either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Miami Dolphins. Things are changing rapidly on that score now.


Formula One continues to capture the imagination as Lewis Hamilton (at the time of typing) edges ever-closer to a third world title, after his team, Mercedes, clinched another Constructors’ crown.

However, you should never presume that motorsport simply is Formula One – not with the likes of NASCAR, MotoGP and V8 Supercars also competing for your betting coin.


The traditional art of hand-to-hand combat can trace its history back to the beginning of civilisation, and modern boxing certainly offers plenty of opportunities to make money from betting.

Wish to bet on who’ll emerge victorious in the World Amateur Championships? What about having a flutter on winning methods, or whether both fighters will be knocked down? Will a given fight go the distance? These are all appealing markets for those who wish to place matched bets.


Many people might not exactly associate a working man’s pub game with the sophisticated world of matched bets, but it is indeed another niche sport that is attracting more and more interest among those looking to make money online in a slightly different way.

From the PDC World Championship and BDO World Championship to the European Darts Grand Prix and Grand Slam of Darts, you can’t complain about a lack of darts competitions to matched bet on.

Ice hockey

It may be a preserve of sporting hipsters in this part of the world, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore ice hockey as a potential domain for a spot of matched betting.

Reputable bookmakers won’t just give you the chance to take your pick of a winner from matches like Nashville Predators vs New York Islanders, or Minnesota Wild vs Arizona Coyotes. That’s because you’ll also be able to bet on everything from the 60 min correct score to the total goals in the first period, across the most important National Hockey League (NHL) matches and those elsewhere around the world.

Never underestimate the sheer reach of matched betting across the sporting spectrum! Whether you are a beginner in this form of sports betting or are an experienced bettor seeking something new and interesting, the above picks could be just the ones to investigate.



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