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The truth is that there are countless ways available right now for anyone to make an easy buck. These practices don’t require any degrees or affiliations of any sort, just the availability of an open mind and ideally, internet access. While betting on any sports events might have been in the past an act of illicit wagers placed haphazardly, the modern view of sports betting is far more regulated and systematic. Like all things based on an elaborate system, one must understand it in order to correctly implement it. 

The fact is, with the availability of information regarding all sorts of sports available today, punters are able to mindfully place the bet they believe to be the winner based on predictions they make according to the information they have. Also, the availability of a betting slot online has made sports betting available to all. These online platforms also provide free predictions on NFL games annually. 

So, what are the predictions for the 2019 season?

Week 13

Whether or not you have made any winnings on bets placed in the past 12 weeks of games played, with this week by week prediction, you are sure to come out of NFL 2019 with some dough. 

As the 49’ers got off to an immensely powerful beginning, they knew these ordeals of games were coming. Playing the Packers, Baltimore and New Orleans in consecutive games, while its division rival Seattle staying close, means that any miscalculation from the 49’ers could lead to a change at the top of the N.F.C. West division. Of the four teams at play here, it’s the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49’ers that are estimated to collect the most points.

Week 14

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Rivalry week marks the start of the most intense part of the season with fans all over the country rooting for their favored teams that have made it through 13 weeks of hell. You’ll come to realize the bets placed on games will become more costly as you get close to the finals. 

Frankly, the game to be played between the Minnesota Gophers and the Wisconsin Badgers has a lot of mixed feelings about it. While some see that the Gophers are the underdog, due to the weak season they’ve been having, others think that it’s the Badgers that are most likely to lose based on the fact that the game will take place in Minnesota.

Truth be told, the majority of sport betters are extremely dependent on prediction services, in order to place their bet. These predictions are calculated as accurately as possible, by using the data that pertains to the games played. Furthermore, these predictions aren’t just available through professional sports enthusiasts like ex-coaches and players, but also through artificial intelligence. This ensures that the predictions being made aren’t bias to any of the predictors’ own team, and proves to be more accurate. The computer runs the game many different times, while considering every possible outcome each and every time. It also takes in the stats and previous game results on freshfootball as a factor in weighing in the best bet a punter can make. Following these predictions is a necessity to make money this NFL season. But nonetheless, never forget to enjoy the game every single time.

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