New Zealand Online Casino Reward Programs

New Zealand Online Casino Reward Programs

One of the benefits of playing at online casinos which is often overlooked are the rewards programs available. Not all online casinos offer reward programs and so it’s worth checking before registering at a casino, especially if you play regularly as the rewards can stack up fast.

Thankfully, there are several New Zealand online casinos which do offer rewards to customers in return for wagering on games and we’ve picked out a few of the best further down in this article.

How Do Casino Reward Programs Work?

Casino reward programs, also known as ‘Loyalty Programs’ or ‘VIP Programs’, differ between casinos but they generally consist of players accumulating points when wagering on games.

When enough points are collected, players either receive rewards automatically or can choose which rewards to receive based on the number of points they have collected.

Loyalty Programs are a way for casinos to retain their customers by giving something back and great for the player who receives these rewards.

What Rewards Can You Receive?

Different New Zealand Casinos offer different rewards as part of their loyalty programs but some of the most common rewards are listed below.

Free Spins

A high percentage of casino players play online slots which makes free spins an attractive offering and many casinos allow players to trade their loyalty points for free spins on selected online slots.

Depending on the terms of the offer, some of these free spins may come with wagering requirements whereas with others, you get to keep everything you win as cash.


Another common reward with New Zealand online casino loyalty programs are bonuses. These can be deposit bonuses where you are required to deposit cash in order to receive a bonus. Or, no deposit bonuses where you are simply given a bonus. Again, depending on the terms, you may be required to wager the bonus a certain number of times before being able to cash out any winnings.


Cash rewards are also an option at some NZ casinos. Players can simply trade in the loyalty points which they have accumulated for cash which is immediately added to their balance. Although less exciting than free spins or bonuses, cash rewards are generally the best option.

VIP Programs

Some online casinos for New Zealand players have VIP Programs. These type of loyalty schemes usually have different levels where the high-rollers are on the highest level and receive the biggest rewards. These rewards can be any of those listed above but there can also be prizes such as electronics, VIP access to sporting on events and even holidays!

New Zealand Casinos

So, which online casinos for New Zealand players have the best rewards programs?

Betamo Casino

Betamo has one of the best loyalty programs for New Zealand players. Points are awarded when wagering on games at Betamo and these points can be exchanged for free spins and cash.

The value of the rewards varies depending on the number of points you have collected and range from 14 free spins for 50 points all the way to $35k NZD for 1,750,000 points!

Cookie Casino

Cookie Casino is a popular online casino for New Zealand players and offers an excellent VIP program.

Players accumulate points when playing games at Cookie Casino which can then be exchanged for bonuses, free spins and cash rewards.

The top cash reward players can receive when exchanging 5,000,000 comp points is €100,000!

Dreamz Casino

Dreamz states that it doesn’t believe in static loyalty points exchanges and differentiates themselves from other online casinos by offering tailored rewards to their customers based on their gameplay. Nevertheless, Dreamz is known for offering some excellent rewards to regular players.

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