Mr Green Launch New ‘Entertaining and Engaging’ Sportsbook

Mr Green Launch New 'Entertaining and Engaging' Sportsbook

In the ultra competitive world of online gambling, bookmakers need to offer something that is unique and interesting. If their website is boring, no-one is going to want to use it. As matched bettors, we know all too well how frustrating it can be to use an unresponsive and lacklustre sportsbook. After all, we can’t find the data we need to put into the matched betting calculator if we’re unable to find it on the bookmaker website. Therefore, it is imperative that bookies offer an easy to use, customer friendly platform.

Online bookmaker Mr Green are not one of the traditional big names on the UK online sports betting scene, but they are looking to make a big splash with their new and improved sportsbook, which has recently been launched.

Who are Mr Green bookmakers?

Mr Green are traditionally known for their extremely popular online casino, and thanks to this success the company decided to launch a sportsbook too in 2016. The company was first founded in 2007 in Stockholm and the company is actually listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main list.

They have also recently been very vocal in support of responsible gaming, in light of criticism for the industry as a whole. Many in government have claimed that bookmakers do not do enough to look after their customers, and do not consider when a user is at risk of becoming irresponsible.

Thus, Mr Green decided to launch the Green Gaming tool, which will give players a better insight into their behaviour on the site. It will also be able to detect when healthy playing has moved into the risk zone, which is something that is often difficult to judge for yourself.

The tool will suggest when a player is betting too much, too quickly and will offer insight to each player individually. Mr Green can also use this to adjust what they offer to customers based on their risk behaviour. For example, they may ask a player to set different limits or take a break from playing. Mr Green will also alter their communications with players they believe are at risk.  This would include not sending sales messages to those players with increased risk behaviours.

This is a revolutionary tool, and is something that most bookmakers should look to emulate in the next few years. Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO of Mr Green, had this to say:

“With Green Gaming we will be able to support our players making better decisions when playing. Gaming should be fun, entertaining and safe. Green Gaming is all about staying in control, not crossing the line between enjoyment and risky behaviour.”

What’s new with the online sportsbook?

With the announcement that a new and updated sportsbook had been launched, Mr Green were adamant that it would be more entertaining and more engaging than a traditional sportsbook.

The new features include combi spin football and instant tennis, with more to come soon for other sports. These new features really bode well for the future, in terms of keeping their players interested.

  • Combi Spin Football

This feature allows players to set their own odds and spin to find a match selection. Simply click on the combi spin tab at the top of the page and you will then be asked to choose a price that you wish your selections to be over. For example, if you choose ‘Selections over odds of 2.0’ you would only be given selections above this amount.

The default setting is to combine two selections, but you can add more if you wish. Click the spin button and you will randomly be given some selections. For example, after I set my selections to be over odds of 2.0, I hit spin and was given Barnsley v Aston Villa to be a draw at odds of 3.40 combined with Over 2.5 goals in the game between Paris FC and Tours at odds of 2.38. Mr Green then informed me that a £10 stake on this double would return £80.92.

You can certainly see the influence of the casino with this feature. As the casino has been Mr Green’s bread and butter for years, they have introduced a feature that resembles playing an online slots game. The randomness of it all would be attractive to many online players. Of course, once you have been given some selections there is no obligation to place a bet.

  • Instant Tennis

Another interesting new addition to the sportsbook is the Instant Tennis feature. Here, you are given the ability to bet on the very next point on a number of ongoing tennis matches. Simply click the Instant Tennis tab and you will be taken to a list of matches. Click on the match you wish to bet on and you will then have the option to set a stake and choose which player you would like to back to win the point.

Of course, there is no real way of knowing which player will win a certain point, which again gives the random feel of a casino. It is clear that Mr Green believe the future of sports betting could be to make it feel more like an online casino.

  • Bet Assist

This feature offers tips and advice on which selections to bet on, often using statistical evidence to back up their picks. For example, in the game between BK Hacken and IF Elfsborg, the Bet Assist suggested that I back Both Teams To Score – Yes at odds of 1.52. They also gave the stat that both teams have scored in IF Elfsborg’s last eight away matches.

This is undoubtedly a good addition to the site, as it gives punters a better idea of what exactly they are betting on. With statistical evidence, you will be able to make a much better judgement.

As well as the new updates, the sportsbook has been given a new layout. The green branding remains, of course, but it gives a much nicer user experience. Regarding the changes, Jesper Kärrbrink said:

“Our business strategy Mr Green 2.0 is comprised of five cornerstones – brand, user experience, product offering, geographic expansion and being the leader in responsible gaming.

“The launch of our new Sportsbook 2.0 embraces all five of these cornerstones and particularly so from a Green Gaming aspect by helping the player make informed betting decisions based on the expert insight as provided by Bettorlogic. I think we are the first sportsbook really trying to help our customers bet smarter.”

Use the matched betting calculator to ensure a profit

Of course, when matched betting there is no need to take a risk. If you are completely new to matched betting, it is essentially a way of guaranteeing a profit from bookmaker offers, with the use of free bets and bonuses.

Mr Green do offer some matched betting friendly promotions at the moment too, which means we will be able to make money.

  • New Customer Offer

This is one of the more simple matched betting offers around. If you do not already have an account with Mr Green, we suggest that you complete this offer before you do anything else. As a new customer, if you register for an account and deposit and bet £20, the bookie will give you a £10 free bet to use.

With the help of the matched betting calculator, we will then be able to turn the free bet into a guaranteed profit. The strategy is easy, simply place a back bet with Mr Green on a selection to win, and then place a lay bet on the same selection not to win on a betting exchange. These bets will then pretty much cancel each other out, and you will have qualified for the free bet.

You will then use a different function on the matched betting calculator when using your free bet, and the calculator will work out the ideal lay stake in order to guarantee you the same amount of profit whatever happens. Once complete, this offer should be worth around £7 in cash.

  • Weekly Free Bet Club

This offer is a little bit more complex, and requires some knowledge of how to place lay bets on accumulators before you attempt it. The offer itself gives you the chance to earn a £5 free bet every week that you place £25 worth of bets on accumulators with a minimum of three selections.

By using the multi lay spreadsheet on offer from, you will be able to guarantee yourself a profit every single week. By laying each selection of the accumulator until it has won or one of your legs is a loser, you will make sure that the qualifying losses are as low as possible. Then, from the free bet you will be able to lock-in a profit of around £3 every single week.

For every Mr Green offer, as well as those listed by other bookmakers, will provide its premium members with a step by step guide, talking you through how to make easy money. Join today and you will never have to risk your money again.



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