More To Matched Betting Than Sign Up Offers

matched betting

There are lots of articles on the internet that explain how matched betting uses free bets from bookmakers sign up offers to make money online. But many lack information about how matched betting can be used to earn a regular income. Reading how to make £500 to £800 in the first month of matched betting is great and wouldn’t it be even better to understand how you can continue to earn similar amounts month after month?

Stories in The Telegraph and The Guardian are still referenced as trustworthy sources to show that matched betting is a legitimate, tax-free system that guarantees making a profit from free bets. The features were written in 2010 when matched betting was beginning to break out of betting circles and into a wider domain. It’s clear that while the authors had grasped the fundamentals of matched betting, the focus was always on sign up offers which are finite and they often overlooked the potential of other betting promotions.

Jason Shearer, who wrote this feature in the Guardian, suggests there is only about £500 to be made and tells you to stop betting once you have used up the free bet deals, a reference to sign up offers. This advice is outdated and has been for some time now.

Matched betting has become more sophisticated and some sharp minds have figured out ways to take advantage of many betting offers and promotions available to existing customers of betting sites. This is why you’ll see claims of people earning over £20000 per year from matched bets which would be impossible if relying exclusively on sign up offers.

Money back offers, bet one get one free, price boosts and enhanced each way terms are typical of incentives being offered by online bookmakers every week. Notwithstanding free bet incentives to try mobile and text betting services, providing more opportunities to boost your income. Many of these offers use the same matched betting technique that extracts around 80% of the free bet value into real cash while a different strategy is used for other promotions.

Advanced techniques can identify positive expected value, more commonly known in matched betting circles as advantage play. While this strategy does not guarantee a profit every time, the odds are so heavily stacked in your favour that you can rely on making profits from these offers in the longer term.

Tools like the matched betting calculator have been modified so that beginners can easily adopt these newer strategies and the Odds Matcher tool can use filters to find suitable bets for such offers.

It’s not only bookmaker offers that can be exploited, Bingo promotions and Casino free spins can also be very lucrative. These promotions require careful guidance and should not be attempted before the techniques involved are thoroughly understood. Once you have an understanding of all the current methods to legitimately exploit gambling promotions it will become apparent why so many people have turned to matched betting as their main source of income.



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