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We’re delighted to announce we have increased the number of bookmakers in our industry leading Odds Matcher tool.

MatchedBets’ bespoke odds matching tool now searches and compares odds from 32 bookmaker sites and four betting exchanges to make it even easier for our Premium members to make money from betting offers.

We firmly believe this is the best odds matching tool available at the current time. Optimised for mobile use from its conception, Odds Matcher and the integrated matched betting calculator give users the freedom to do betting offers anywhere they can get a decent signal. Not everyone wants to be tied to their computer desk all day waiting for next matched betting opportunity so we designed Odds Matcher to allow members to do offers while on the move and while I say it myself, it does the job with aplomb.

The real time update of odds and the amount of money available on the exchange mean you won’t suffer the frustration of clicking through to the exchange to find the odds used to calculate your ideal lay stake are no longer available or there aren’t enough funds to match your bet. Experience matched bettors will appreciate the time saved by this nifty feature and won’t miss having to hit the refresh button in the hope of finding more accurate results as is required when using similar products.

Odds matcher filter

Odds Matcher comes with all the features you need for finding the best matches to make money online. There are filters to search by bookmaker, exchange, sport, event and market, allowing users to configure Odds Matcher to find the best matches for a specific offer. Members using our offer guides will find Odds Matcher embedded within the instructions and pre-configured for the offer, whether it be a sign up offer eligible on a wide range of sports or a racing refund offer limited to a specific race or races.

The Match% identifies the closest matches so they are ranked by the lowest qualifying loss. The filter will allow you to set your own limits with settings above 100% allowing it to double as an arb finder. Although, we wouldn’t recommend this if you want to hold on to your betting account. The SNR% option ranks bets by those which will retain the most profit from your free bets and you can stipulate minimum/maximum odds to ensure the results will fall in line with terms of the offer.

Search results can be narrowed down or expanded even further by the time of event, allowing you to see bets that start after or before a timeframe of your choosing.

We’re really excited about the possibilities for Odds Matcher going forward. It already integrates via the matched betting calculator to provide bet tracking, so you can keep an eye on which offers have free bets to come, have a running total of your profits and a full bet history in just a few clicks.

If you are interested in making a regular income from matched betting, sign up for a 14-day trial for just £1 and experience our amazing tools for yourself.



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