Mobile Sports Betting: The Basics

Mobile Sports Betting: The Basics

Mobile gambling is more popular than traditional betting in the 21st century. It generated more than $19.3 billion in 2009, according to a Jupiter Research report. Even so, some countries lack clear regulations that control sports gambling. Betway offers different betting markets to sports fans. Read on to learn the fundamentals of mobile gambling.

Mobile Betting Markets

In the past, sportsbooks developed betting apps for PCs and desktops. But, most of them have built different mobile app versions for Android and iOS devices. They have easy to navigate interfaces and detailed web sites.

Mobile betting apps cover a wide array of sports events. These include baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, football, rugby, volleyball, and tennis. Also, they offer esports and virtual sports. Mobile bookmakers offer different transaction options. They include credit cards, mobile payments, and PayPal.

Betting Devices

All Android and iOS devices support mobile sports betting. They help you place bets anytime and from anywhere. The number of gamblers who place Betway mobile sports bets has soared over the years. Some people use iPads and iPhones. Betting firms provide applications that suit specific betting platforms. Check out the website of a particular company to determine whether it provides mobile sports betting.

Mobile Betting Apps

Some betting firms are location-based. You cannot access them from distant places. Other bookmakers provide betting apps and mobile betting platforms. Anyone can use mobile betting web pages without installing them on their phones. Some firms redirect gamers to mobile betting sites when they try to access them through mobile phones.

Gambling Rules

Mobile gambling follows the same rules that apply to traditional betting. Each bookie pays tax to the government. Some countries tax gamblers a certain percentage of their winnings. Mobile sports betting is a minimized version of a bookie’s website. It has the same signing in procedures that include entering a password and username. Some sites use a double-click confirmation before they confirm bets.

Mobile Gambling Bonuses

Some firms offer welcome bonuses to new gamblers. You can use them to place bets and cash out your winnings once you reach a certain threshold. Other firms provide free bets to new and existing punters. You can get bonuses and offers from bookies during prominent sports events such as the UEFA Champions League and World Cup. For example, a bookie can offer a 10 percent bonus on all winnings.

Here are some popular mobile gambling bonuses;

  • Referral bonuses: The referee and referred individual get a referral bonus from most mobile bookies. Refer a friend or family member to earn a bonus when they open an account and place bets.
  • Cashback bonuses: They are a percentage of losses a punter makes from recent bets. It is common in online casinos.
  • No deposit bonuses: You can claim a bonus without depositing money in your account. Casinos use it to attract new gamers.

Many online betting firms have been established in the recent past. Betway provides real-time sports events, casino games, and virtual sports. You can download a mobile betting app from certain betting sites to play online games. But, it is important to understand the odds and betting rules to be a successful punter. Some bookies offer sports news and match updates.

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