Mobile Casino Guide

mobile casino guide

With an estimated 3.8 billion people around the world owning a smartphone and that number rising by an average of 300 million per year, mobile betting is an area which online casinos can’t afford not to be a part of.

Over recent years, we’ve seen several online bookmakers and casinos adapt to mobile betting with virtually all sites being mobile optimised and some having dedicated mobile gambling apps available to download from the app stores.

Smartphones allow people to access their online betting accounts and play slots and other games for real money, whenever and wherever they are so long as they have an internet connection and with some smartphones being more powerful than many desktop computers, it’s not surprising that players choose to bet via their mobile devices.

What Is A Mobile Casino?

A mobile casino is one which allows players to play games such as slots, blackjack, roulette and others for real money on their mobile phones or tablets. 

Some casinos allow players to play on their sites via a mobile browser while others provide dedicated casino apps. In both instances, they can be considered mobile casinos.

Are Mobile Casinos Safe?

Playing at an online casino via a mobile device can be considered just as safe as playing via the desktop version. Smartphones and tablets and basically mini computers and so providing that you have sufficient security software, access to these sites would be safe. Reputable casinos also have a lot of security features which are designed to protect your information and funds.

Casino Apps vs Mobile Websites

As mentioned, some casinos, such as Leovegas, have launched dedicated casino apps which are generally available from the app stores for free. If not, then players will be able to play online via a mobile browser. 

If an app is available, it is generally the most popular choice as it allows quick access to your account and all available games. Instead of having to open a browser, type in the casino URL and enter your login information, you simply need to tap on the icon on your phone or tablet and log in via fingerprint ID or facial recognition which takes a matter of seconds.

Another advantage of using a casino app over the mobile website is that you’re able to opt-in to push notifications. Casinos sometimes use these to notify you of bonuses, free spins and other special offers which are available and they mean that you’re a lot less likely to miss out on the best promotions.

However, all casino apps are not the same and of the same standard. You may have issues with some apps such as games not loading or crashing or some games being unavailable. If so, then accessing the casino via a mobile browser is the best option.


There are several options when it comes to playing at online casinos via mobile devices with the vast majority of casinos offering either an app or mobile-optimised websites and games. The standard of mobile gaming has also greatly improved in recent years with loading times significantly reduced, the addition of attractive graphics and sounds and the ability to play a wider selection of games.

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