Mobile betting as a key growth component in the betting industry

Mobile betting as a key growth component in the betting industryey growth component in the betting industry

In the last two decades, the use of mobile phones has multiplied, changing the way we live and manage our routine. Smartphones and portable devices are now an integral part of our daily lives, and it is hard to imagine the time when they did not exist.

Since 2016, smartphones have overtaken computers as the primary device to access online information. Therefore, businesses and web developers pay a lot of attention to optimise their content for mobile views, as it’s the fastest way to stay in touch with the latest happenings.

At the same time, the ease with which people can play online games has increased significantly due to the continuous evolution of technology, merging the differences between video and casino games.

For those eligible to do so, playing online bingo, for example, is as easy as opening an app on the phone and can be done practically anywhere. And if you like to play online bingo, you’re in luck because the latest bingo sites at Bingo Scanner show the popularity, rating, offers and gameplay of the well-known online bingo game providers.

Betting Accessibility and Mobility

Mobile sports betting has made betting accessible to new audiences across the world. According to Google Trends statistics, sports betting is now legally available in many countries and states across the US. Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa hold the top spots for countries that most frequently searched for mobile sports betting and casino gaming, proving that it has excellent market potential.

Since it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world, smartphone sports betting became more of a mainstream activity that the audience truly began to understand. Since the United States lifted the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, over 42 states have legalised or are moving toward the legalisation of mobile sports betting.

The advantages of sports betting from a mobile phone are the news outlets and wealth of information available to the user. Before signing to any provider, it’s recommended you first research the integrity of the provider and other players’ experience to educate on exactly how the odds of a particular sports work.

Mobile betting created new marketing opportunities for sports and brands on multiple platforms. Journalists and media platforms share information about sport events in a different manner. YouTube, for example, has boomed with videos made by people who made sports betting their professional hobby, advising on how to place sports bets.

The future of mobile betting

The future shows that we can expect more innovations in the field of online betting in general. With the emergence of data science and analysis, the industry is looking forward to the prediction apps that will help bettors to make more informed beets. However, as much as these will assist potential players, the human element in sports betting will always remain. Regarding this, anything can happen in the end, and this is why we love betting in general.

It has been predicted that with this progressive growth, it won’t be long before the most sophisticated bettors are AI ‘bots’ that analyse vast amounts of data in seconds. This is already happening, and it’s probably a matter of year or two when this subject will be mainstream and available for commercial use.  The data will be provided by chips eventually placed in motion-tracking cameras, microchips in balls and players uniforms. We can say with certainty that smartphones will continue to impact the way we interact and react to our favourite pastime activities, with casino gaming and betting being just one aspect of the networking and gaming communities.

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