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Since 2016, MatchedBets have provided a platform for thousands of members to make a profit with matched betting but we don’t always hear just how well our members are doing.

Today we spoke to one of our more recent members, Tracey, who has been matched betting part-time for around 2 months and has profited over £1,200!

Hi Tracey. How long have you been a member of MatchedBets for?

I have been a member of MatchedBets since July 2017.

Is this your first time matched betting? If so, how have you found it so far?

Yes, this is my first time matched betting. I have known about it for a while now but was always reluctant to try it out. Initially I found it confusing but I took my time and waited until I was ready to make my first bet. I have to admit I still struggle to know how to correctly use my bonus bets but I imagine it will come to me pretty easy in time!

Do you feel MatchedBets has helped you on your matched betting journey?

I love how everything is literally spelled out for you on MatchedBets. Despite working for a high street bookmaker for a while I still struggle when it comes to betting, odds etc. But MatchedBets has really helped me get started and understand what is going on, what I need to do to maximise my profits.

How much profit have you made since joining MatchedBets?

I think roughly I have made around £1600 so far. All from free bets. I won £375 from a free £15 bet on BetFred at the end of July. It came round to bill week so I had to put all my matched betting money back into my household account to cover extra expenses however I still had free bets to use across 3 sites. 1 site had specified the free bets to be used on the PDA World Darts tournament only. So I placed all my bets on the darts. Phil Taylor smashed his way through his last ever appearance at this tournament and won to turn my free £15 bet into £375.

After this win, a busy school holidays and a seriously expensive new school uniform I decided to wait until September to carry on with my matched betting journey. But one day I was checking my emails and realised that on one site I still had a £30 casino bonus. So in a futile attempt to block out childrens TV one Friday afternoon as I was babysitting all my nieces and nephews (in a tiny 2 bed house!) I decided to put it to some good use. 5 mins distraction I thought. I decided to play some higher stake games, because how many people do you know that can actually win big and withdraw anything from free bonus money? I don’t. This bonus carried a £1500 wagering requirement.

So I spun and spun and instead of going down, my balance actually kept rising. And so began my 90 minute journey to a nail biting and unbelievable result! I still can’t believe it happened. But my spins, around £1.50 to £3 per spin, kept winning and winning. I flitted from game to game when I felt like each one wouldn’t pay anymore. After 30 mins I was up to around £600. Slowly and steadily my account was being topped up as I played it through. It was then I decided to check out how much was left of my wagering requirements and it was still around the £900 mark. I was resigned to playing this through and took an “oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted approach”

Only the reels hadn’t stopped paying out. Jumping onto the Gladiator game, spins value upped to around £6, I won myself some free spins. As I stood in the kitchen, making dinner for the tribe, who at this point where still happily playing/watching tv/ trying to con me out of more sweets, my last free spin hit a jackpot! And I mean a big win! I had only experienced something like this once before when playing Rainbow Riches many years ago and using my last 5p all reels spun to the jackpot and I won £12.50. But this was slightly more than that. The numbers didn’t stop going up, and up and then up again some more. £1900. I mean who wins big money like that, seriously! It looked like I was going to and already had.

I was physically shaking at this point and played through my remaining wagering requirements on auto whilst I sorted out the chaos going on around me. By the time I dared to pick up my phone again I had met the wagering requirements and my account still over £900. I clicked straight through to the withdrawal page and started the process to collect my winnings. I decided to play through the rest of the money as it wasn’t that much. 5 spins later my account had over £400 in it again. But I left it alone whilst my sister arrived to collect the kids.

I withdrew £300 (after forgetting to turn off auto spin) and closed the page down. If I was lucky there would be £1200 winging it’s way to me and my head was bustling with all the things I could do with it. But there was only 1 thing I was planning on buying when that money hit my account.

What do you use your matched betting profits for?

My first big win I used to pay off some small bills, treat myself and my daughter to a mini shopping spree and get some things for the house. I managed to finally but all the decorating materials I needed to give my house a full makeover including some blinds after finally having double glazing installed.

New car from matched betting profits

Tracey bought herself a new car with her matched betting profits

The £1200 has only recently hit my account and I was a big mess until it cleared. You see, for nearly 4 years I have been without a car. Matched betting was going to help me save up to buy a car and I had given myself until the end of the year to save up. I didn’t need that long and I am now the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta. It also cleared whilst I was on holiday for a few days and of course it went on having a nice time too and I have also treated friends and family to little bits. But without this win, I wouldn’t have a car and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Do you feel like matched betting could be a long-term hobby for you?

Yes, I think it could be. Sure, I had an amazing start and I know wins like this won’t happen all the time. But despite me pretty much having to start from scratch due to my break away, I think in the long run it really could be a great hobby and definitely a good way to top up the finances each month.

Are there any specific features of MatchedBets which you have found particularly helpful when matched betting?

I just love how easy it is to find the information you need. The step by step guides, everything is thought of. And if you do have more questions the forum is only a click away as is live help. I also found it really handy to have all the prices updated constantly so you know exactly what they are when you go to place your bets. Perfect for a complete beginner like myself.

Do you have any advice for someone who is considering starting matched betting?

Take your time. There is a lot to read up on initially if you are like me and know zero about matched betting. There is no rush, there will always be more offers if you don’t feel ready. I also opened a separate bank account to track my winnings easier. As a single parent most of my money is taken up on boring things like bills so any wins can easily get lost. Keeping them separate, for me means that I can easily see how much I have won and is a little extra boost to keep on going.

I understand you have a blog. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Yes I do have a blog. You can find me over at One Frazzled Mum. The name suits me perfectly too trust me! On the blog you can find a whole mix of different posts but my main love is literally just to write. My head is usually bursting with words and thoughts this gives me a little space to release them and see what happens. The goal is to write something someone enjoys to read and I’m pretty sure one day that will happen. But until then you can catch my latest musings on life, product reviews and my favourite category, fiction writing and poetry. There is a budding author somewhere inside of me and I love to post all my stories on the blog.

You can visit Tracey’s blog at

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