A Crucial Piece Of Matched Betting Software

Matched Betting Calculator

Anyone that has ever attempted to profit from bookmaker offers will tell you that the most important piece of matched betting software is the calculator. This tool really is a life saver, as it automatically works out the ideal lay stake for every bet you need to make, whether it’s a qualifier or a free bet.

The MatchedBets.com calculator is more advanced than most, as it updates any changes to the odds in real time and automatically updates your potential profit amount. It doesn’t matter what kind of offer you are completing or what stage you are at, the calculator has an option for all of them. The 9 options available are; Normal Bet, Bonus, Freebet, Bonus on Win, Bonus on Loss, Freebet on Win, Freebet on Loss, Freebet with Freebet on Win and Enhanced Odds as Freebets.

The most important aspect of the calculator is the fact it works out the perfect lay stake, in order to make you you get an equal profit whatever the outcome. The way this works is through calculating the back stake, back odds, lay odds and lay commission. As the calculator does the maths for you, it saves a lot of time and effort.

Links to the Odds Matcher also mean that you do not have to fill in the bet details yourself, they will already be pre-loaded. When finding your own matches, it is very easy to add specific bet details yourself, and you can also name each selection individually before clicking Track Bet so that you know which bet is which when looking at the dashboard.

If you are attempting more advanced matched betting offers, the calculator also has Overlay and Underlay options. You are able to adjust lay stakes with the Custom mode too if you would like.

You can try the matched betting calculator out by signing up to MatchedBets for £1. It will help you complete offers easily, meaning you can have extra money in your pocket thanks to matched betting.



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