Matched Betting: What is it? How it works

what is matched betting

It is possible to earn money online with thanks to Matched Betting, a system that allows you to obtain guaranteed profits from sports betting. This is a legal method and not attributable to gambling, it involves making more than one bet at the same time, to minimise the risk and guarantee coverage of any loss, regardless of the result. The benefit is derived from the bookmaker’s bonus offers generated to stimulate customer engagement.

First of all, it’s important to understand what matched betting is and how it works, as the system differs from the traditional betting circuit. The method consists of placing two opposite bets in the same event, to cancel the risk contained in a single bet and generate profits with the bonuses offered by the bookmakers. 

The technique is mathematically based and therefore quite complex, but anyone can do it. Matched bets are designed to make more complex betting and odds more understandable, and otherwise guarantees certain profits. It also does not necessarily require prior knowledge of a sector in which it is wagered, such as football for example. 

A practical example

To better understand how matched betting works, let’s take a practical example. Suppose you want to bet on a final game of the Champions League, Milan against Juventus. You would register on a platform and receive a welcome bonus that you cannot withdraw before betting. This way you can lose the bet and win nothing. Instead of applying the matched bet, you can make a first bet on the bookmaker’s site on the victory of Milan and a second bet, on the victory of Juventus and the draw on another site, covering all the possible results of the game. This way, one bet will be a winner and the other a loser, and you can withdraw the value of the bonus, always obtaining a benefit. 

Bookmakers allow matched betting for two reasons: the first is that the percentage of bettors using this approach is low and difficult to recognize, the second is that bonuses represent an essential system for attracting new customers.

Obviously, there are limits on the collection and amount of bonuses awarded by the various betting sites, which can refer to a maximum limit. With the help of specialised platforms, a beginner can generate a profit from their bets. 

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