Matched Betting Price Boosts

Matched Betting Price Boosts

Matched betting generally revolves around generating a profit from free bets given by bookmakers. However, there are many other bookmaker promotions from which you are able to lock in a profit. One of which is Price Boosts.

Price boosts are ‘enhanced odds’ and are an incentive bookies use to try and encourage customers to place more bets. Many bookmakers offer price boosts on a regular basis and some of them can return a quick and easy profit.

Here are a couple of examples of price boosts:

  • Man Utd to beat Arsenal – Was 2/1, Now 3/1
  • Sergio Aguero to score first – Was 4/1, Now 6/1

When bookmakers offer price boosts, they give customers higher odds than they generally would on specific markets.

Price boosts for existing customers are offered regularly by bookmakers such as SkyBet, William Hill, 888Sport, Coral, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes but they can also be used by bookmakers to attract new customers. Price boost offers for new customers tend to be boosted much more in an attempt to encourage new users to sign up.

Some examples of price boosts for new customers may be:

  • Liverpool to beat Tottenham – Was 2/1, Now 20/1
  • A goal to be scored in the Chelsea v Everton match – Was 1/2, Now 10/1

Price boosts are bigger when offered to new customers as they effectively replace traditional ‘Bet & Get’ sign up offers.

How to profit from Price Boosts

Making a profit from price boosts is generally very simple and involves backing and laying the boosted bet. As the bookmaker back odds have been boosted, it’s likely that they are greater than the lay odds for the same market on the betting exchanges, allowing you to create an arb.

ArbThis is when the bookmaker back odds are higher than the exchange lay odds. By simply backing and laying your bet you are able to make a profit regardless of the result.

Let’s take a look at an example.

A bookmaker is offering a price boost on Man Utd to beat Chelsea.

The standard odds are 2/1 (3.0) but they have boosted them to 3/1 (4.0). The lay odds on the exchange are 3.1.

We simply put these details into a matched betting calculator to see if we’re able to lock in a profit by backing and laying the bet.

price boosts

As you can see from the calculator above, if we placed a £10 bet on Man Utd to beat Chelsea with the boosted odds of 4.0 and layed the bet at odds of 3.1, we would make a profit over just over £2.70 regardless of the result!

Bookmakers usually set stake limits on price boosts, otherwise, you could bet as much as you wanted and lay your bet for a significant profit. However, despite the low profits which you generally make from matched betting price boosts, they can provide a steady stream of income which when taken advantage of multiple times, can add up to a significant amount.

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