Matched Betting Outside the UK – Is This Possible?

matched betting outside of the uk

A growing talking point in the matched betting community is whether it’s worth it for those living outside the UK and Ireland. Individuals can often experience roadblocks to taking matched bets or free spins from casinos due to their country being restricted by a specific bookmaker or casino. These people don’t tend to have easy access to a UK address to circumvent this issue either.

Fortunately, there are plenty of bookies and online casinos that accept users based overseas. We’ve also got a very clever ‘hack’ you can use to hide your actual physical location and encrypt your connection simultaneously – win-win, right?

What are the best bookies for matched betting abroad?

You will be pleased to find that several of the leading sportsbooks in the UK and Ireland also permit sports bettors elsewhere. The likes of bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill allow customers based in the likes of Canada to bet, while Betfair is also unrestricted for punters living in south-east Asia e.g. Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and Macau. To operate in the Netherlands, sportsbooks must apply for a Dutch gambling license now, making it possible for Dutch matched bettors to take advantage of free bet promotions and expected profits.

What are the best live casinos for matched betting abroad?

There are live casino operators that accept customers in all four corners of the world. Those living in the Middle East should check out Arabian Betting’s list of live casino sites that accept Arabian players living in the likes of Egypt, the UAE and Qatar. In India, where the online casino industry remains a distinctly grey area, there are plenty of operators with internationally recognised iGaming licenses outside of India that accept Indian players. Canada is another nation where the rules and regulations for iGaming are rather blurred, particularly as they differ between states. Casinos can be licensed by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission, which is deemed an offshore territory, despite it being a stone’s throw from Montreal.

Choosing an iGaming operator that’s not licensed to operate in your country

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It can be very tricky to sign up to sportsbooks or online casinos that aren’t licensed in your country, simply because they check your IP address when you attempt to enter their sites. Think of an IP address like a digital postcode. It gives sites a rough idea of your physical location. If you receive a message that states you cannot use a site for location reasons, the site is not yet licensed to accept customers based in your country.

Should you use a VPN to encrypt your connection?

Sign up to a virtual private network (VPN) and receive a log-in that enables you to display a different IP address to your actual IP address. VPNs are 100% legal. They are used by people for various purposes, including access to on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The primary benefit of a VPN is the encrypted connection it offers. This means your sensitive data will be fully encrypted between you and the sportsbook or casino.

The biproduct of using a VPN is that you are given a different IP address to your actual IP, creating the illusion that you are based somewhere that you’re not. Although this technique can sometimes work to circumvent licensing, it’s not a technique that can be recommended. If your chosen site discovers you are gambling with them in an unlicensed country, it is a breach of their terms and conditions and you will – rightly so – stand to lose any winnings you make. Put simply, it’s not worth the risk. Just find a sportsbook or casino that accepts players in your country and maximise their offers instead.

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