Matched Betting Outside of the UK

Matched Betting Outside of the UK

With profitable matched betting opportunities available every day, it can be frustrating to miss out on some of these when leaving the UK. Whether you are on holiday or going abroad for other reasons such as business, you may find that you are unable to access certain betting sites due to gambling restrictions in the country you are travelling to. However, you do have options. One of these being to use a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. In short, a VPN changes your IP address so that when you browse the web, anyone tracking your IP to determine your location will think that you are somewhere that you are not. VPNs can be used on both desktop and mobile devices and most are relatively simple to use. Some more advanced VPNs require a payment or subscription fee but there are many free versions about that will be sufficient for short trips away.

How to do matched betting using a VPN

Bookmakers and casinos determine your location by your IP address and so by using a VPN and changing your IP address to one that is in the UK, you’re able to trick the bookmaker in thinking that you are betting from there.

Disclaimer: Using a VPN to bet isn’t illegal. However, it may be against the terms and conditions of the bookmaker or casino to make them think you’re somewhere that you’re not. Please check the T&C’s of the betting site before using a VPN.

VPN services usually require you to register, or download an app if using a mobile, and to simply select the country which you wish to change your IP address to. By doing so, it will appear to any website you browse on that you are in that country. For example, if you are wanting to use a New Zealand online casino but are in Spain, simply set the VPN to New Zealand.

VPN’s are commonly used not only by UK matched bettors but by punters all around the world when they leave their country of residence. They allow users to place bets from wherever they are in the world and not miss out of profitable betting offers. With so many betting offers available, using a VPN seems like a good option for many players.

If you are considering using a VPN, always read the reviews first. As mentioned, there are many free versions available which should be enough for most people and so there usually isn’t a need to pay for a premium version unless you are away for long periods. Also, only use reputable betting sites when you are abroad. You can find a number of bookmaker and online casino reviews on the internet from trustworthy sites to get a good idea of whether or not they are worth playing at.

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