Matched Betting & Online Casinos

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Playing at online casinos can significantly boost your matched betting earnings. There’s an added bonus that doing so can even protect your online betting accounts. However, there are no guarantees when playing casino bonuses, so approach each offer with caution and do not go rushing in.

Know Your House Edge & Variance

All online casinos are obliged to provide players with theoretical Return to Player (RTP) percentages. The best casinos online do this well but sometimes you will have to do some digging to find out the necessary information.

The RTP% is the amount of money wagered on a game that is returned to players. The remaining % is the house edge which is where the casino makes a profit. If you were to play an online slot with a 97% RTP, then the house edge would be 3%. This is vital information when looking to profit from a casino bonus.

The RTP is calculated over many games and can be paid to any player or number of players. As a rough rule of thumb, high variance games with large jackpots pay out bigger prizes out less often and low variance games pay out a higher frequency of smaller wins.

A popular tactic when playing casino bonuses is to start off on a high variance game and hope for a substantial win. Then, as long as you aren’t breaching the T&C’s, you can switch to a lower variance game to play through the wagering requirements and come out in profit.

Bookmakers With Casinos

Most online bookmakers also have a casino product. A good tactic to avoid being gubbed is to systematically play in the casino as part of your matched betting routine. This will help you to blend in and look like a natural punter. Thus, you will have more value to the bookie than someone who only ever bets on offer related markets.

When playing at the casino, it’s important to take an organised approach. Do not get sucked in and bet all of your MB profits. A few pounds here and there will suffice. Online slots with a low house edge are recommended. If you prefer Roulette, then stick to a game with a single zero, as the RTP drops from 97.35% to 94.7% with two zeros. It’s also worthwhile honing your Blackjack strategy, as the right approach can increase the RTP to 98%.



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