Matched Betting Is Great News For Students

Matched Betting Is Great News For Students

Tuition fees, accommodation and those all important nights out. The cost of living the student lifestyle can soon mount up. Most students look to part-time bar work and low-paid retail jobs to make ends meet but what if there was another way?

Matched betting is the answer. By exploiting the free bet promotions and offers from online bookmakers, you can earn an extra income. It is a tried and tested technique of manipulating bets in such a way that you lose very little in order to qualify for free bets, which can then be turned into a withdrawable cash profit.

The money you make from matched betting can in some cases outweigh the salary earnings from the previously mentioned jobs. It also has the benefit of being far less time-consuming, allowing you to do other things. In fact, as most students earn near to the minimum wage, you will almost certainly make money at a quicker rate when matched betting.

Whether you’re saving up to do some traveling in a gap year or want to run a car while still being able to enjoy the student life, matched betting is a viable and risk-free way of earning extra money each month and can be used in any way you like.

Devoting just a small amount of your time to matched betting between lectures can be worth in excess of £500 per month. Or put another way, over £100 of tax-free earnings each week. That’s a considerable boost to spend in the student union bar for as little as 30 minutes work per day.

The beauty of matched betting as that you are not tied in. You can earn extra cash in the morning before a lecture and be making money in the evenings or at weekends too. It doesn’t have to be your only source of income either. Matched betting is a versatile way of making money and can fit around your university work and a part-time job if you like.

Some students will have an advantage when looking to start matched betting. Those who have savings or cash set aside for later in the term, can quickly build up a betting bank and withdraw their profits to pay any bills or debts. Even if you aren’t in such a fortunate position, it’s possible to get up and running with as little as £50 behind you.

Matched Betting Is Not Gambling

You may be reading this and wondering isn’t this just gambling? When done correctly, matched betting is risk-free and completely safe. You will be betting on both outcomes of sporting events for a very small loss of around £1 in order to earn free bets from bookmakers. You then repeat the process using those free bets to guarantee a profit which can be withdrawn into your bank account or reinvested to make even more money.

Here at you will have all of the tools that you need to make the most of matched betting. We have step by step guides to walk you through the process of how to qualify for free bets and extract maximum profits from them. Our Oddsmatcher will make it easy for you to find the best bets and our matched betting calculator has all of the functions you need to be a successful matched bettor.



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