Matched Betting in Canada: Making The Most Of Incentives

For those of you that have never heard of matched betting, it is a simple method of using the offers bookmakers are giving to make a profit from wagers. Bookmakers all give bonuses to attract new customers and you will see these any time you watch a sporting event on Canadian TV.

With many of the bookmaker’s sites, the offer is a free bet. This means that, if you are betting on the outcome of a football match, for instance, you can wager on both outcomes, once with your paid bet and once with your free bet. Taking advantage of these incentives can make you money and could, at the very least, mean that you will break even. Unlike traditional betting, matched betting gives you more of a chance to come out on top, which perhaps explains why it has become so popular.

Some bookmakers offer a cash incentive as well, which is added to your first deposit, and these can be significant amounts.

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‘Matched Betting On Laptop: Football Betting’ – Beating Betting via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Online Casino Incentives

Online casinos also offer many incentives to attract new players, with the best casinos in Canada offering cash bonuses as well as free games. They sometimes have strings attached but these are very simple to comply with, and you can make money from some of these incentives without spending any cash of your own. Just imagine picking up a bonus of $1000 dollars and how many hours of fun that could give you.

Gambling is allowed all over Canada in one form or another but the rules do differ from territory to territory and in the provinces. For instance, in most provinces, you have to be 19 to gamble, but in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, the legal age for gambling is 18. Although many of the provinces, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland being just two examples, have no online casinos based within them, Canadians can access them and are able to take advantage of the incentives on offer no matter which part of the country they live in.
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Loyalty Bonuses

Matched betting and online casino incentives are not just restricted to people who sign up for the first time. Online bookmakers and casinos realize the importance of taking care of their loyal customer base too. They will often offer incentives to existing players, which will also include things such as free bets, free games and some cash added to a deposit.

It is up to the players to make the most of the incentives, whether they are for signing up or for being a loyal customer. They are meant to encourage you to play more games or place more bets but, used in the correct way, they can be great for making some extra cash.

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