Matched betting for dummies

matched betting for dummies

Matched betting isn’t just for the seasoned pros of the betting world, and you don’t even need to be into sport to capitalise on the profits. Because of this, hundreds of individuals are now raking in guaranteed earnings on a daily basis.

It’s okay to be put off a little by matched betting at first glance. You wonder if there is a catch, and how you can always be making a profit with every single bet you place. It almost sounds too good to be true.

But matched betting is a 100 per cent legal way of making some extra cash. Be it when travelling to work, on holiday or even whilst cooking dinner, this matched betting for dummies guide will explain to you exactly how you can win in just 20 minutes.

Firstly, it is best to explain what matched betting is. Matched betting guarantees, no strings attached, a profit. Plain and simple. Using a variety of free bet incentives laid out by betting providers, you can be up £10 without breaking sweat!

Bookmakers always try to entice new customers with offers such as ‘Bet £25 and get a £25 free bet’. To capitalise on this, you must also sign up with a betting exchange account, the most popular and well known being Betfair.

What Betfair do is allow you place a lay bet. Lay betting is as simple as counting to three. Instead of backing a bet, you are selling bet. So instead of betting on Arsenal to win, you bet on Arsenal not to win – draw or lose.

Taking the above example of Arsenal, you would first find a betting site that has a free bet offer, such as ‘Bet £25 and get a £25 free bet’. You find the odds of Arsenal to win on this site which is as close to the lay price. So, Arsenal to win is 2.00 at the bookies, and 2.02 on Betfair. You would then back all £25 on Arsenal to win at the bookmakers. This really is matched betting for dummies.

You then need to use a betting lay calculator, to determine how much you need to lay on Betfair to make a profit. With those aforementioned odds, you would need to lay a total amount of £25.13 on Betfair, meaning you would only lose out on £0.62.

Following this, you now have your free bet! Using the free bet, find odds of around 5.00-9.00 in order to gain a decent profit. Once such odds are found, you then back the bookies odds of, for example, 5.50 with the entirety of the free bet – £25. Do the same as before, using a lay calculator, though make sure you select that the stake is not returned. You now know you have to place £20.12 in Betfair. Win or lose, you rake in a nice £19.52. Just like that, you have made a good-looking profit in 20 minutes.

This is matched betting for dummies, but you won’t be a dummy after the profits you’ve made.



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