Matched betting earns £20 million per month

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Matched betting is making money to the tune of £20 million every month according to the spokesman for a leading online betting company.

In an article published on, Michael Rasmussen, head of acquisition at Panbet (Marathonbet Group), explained how welcome bonuses cost Marathonbet a seven-figure sum when introduced in August 2015 and he believes matched betting could be costing the betting industry £20 million per month.

“Let’s say an organised matched bettor can make £1,000 a month and you have one site with 20,000 subscribers, that’s £20 million extracted from the industry from pure speculation and trading offers on a monthly basis,” he told the article’s author, Julian Rogers.

The figure for the number of matched bettors could be quite conservative but then not everyone will make £1000 per month. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing amount of money going into the pockets of stay at home mums and students who are thought to do the majority of matched betting. Although sports bettors are turning to matched betting in increasing numbers as they become aware of the real profit potential in their hobby.

The introduction of matched betting websites, like, have made risk-free betting easy thanks to specialist odds-matching software, matched betting calculator and tutorials. The whole process of finding betting offers, suitable odds and figuring out what stake to lay on betting exchanges is delivered to members on a plate, making it a simple and quick process that anyone can follow.

What hurts the bookmakers is knowing mums coming home from the school run to sit down to matched betting and students doing offers between lectures are not going to fall into the trap of gambling and losing.

“I know our general punter but I know you will see the stay-at-home mum doing matched betting in between the school runs. It’s a different segment,” said Rasmussen. “It’s a segment that betting companies are never going to turn into profit.”

These people know from experience, that matched betting generates risk free profits and the extra income earned is important for providing a better lifestyle than they could otherwise afford.

On an individual basis, matched betting will not earn life-changing sums and people with high-paid salaries will barely give it a second look. But, with matched bettors averaging between £500 and £1000 per month in tax-free income, it’s not difficult to see how the interest in matched betting is soaring.

But is it the bookmaker that is losing out to matched betting? Pierluigi Buccioli, who ran Bookmakers Review for 10 years before getting involved with matched betting believes not.

He told iGamingBusiness, “It’s important to mention that matched betting, if done right, doesn’t cost anything to the bookmaker as the matched bettor wants to move his profits and cash out on a betting exchange, where it will be either a market maker or another punter to pay for them.”

Despite the figures involved, bookmakers, who let’s face it have huge marketing budgets, continue to use free bets and bonuses to attract and retain customers. As it stands, matched betting is a lucrative activity that will attract people looking to boost their income for as long as the free money lasts.



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