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Matched betting compared

There are many ways to make money online and here’s how matched betting stacks up with the pros and cons of some of the most popular methods of earning some extra income.

There are thousands of people making between £500 and £2000 per month matched betting, for working as little as 30 minutes each day. It is a clever system that takes advantage of free bet offers from bookmakers and gambling websites, turning them into real cash. Legal, tax-free and endorsed by The Telegraph and The Guardian, it’s only available to over 18s living in the UK. There is no need to understand betting or sport as you can get easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

The great advantage of matched betting is it requires no skill and very little training as everything you need can be provided by websites such as Matched Bets. It is perfect for anyone who cannot get out for full-time work, needs to spend a lot of time at home or simply wants to boost their current income.

So how do others compare?

Online Freelancing

Websites such as People Per Hour and Fiverr allow you to showcase your skills and sell your time by the hour or task. Members from all sorts of disciplines, like web design, web development, graphics design, photo editing, video animations, voiceovers to product reviewers, typists and virtual assistants are connecting to people looking to pay for those skills.

It provides an opportunity to work full time or part time but is dependent on the demand for your skill set. Jobs tend to be one-offs so establishing repeat business is very difficult, although not impossible. You can set your own rates but you will have competition from people all over the globe and you may not be able to command as good an hourly rate as you might if employed locally.

Selling Online

Selling unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree is very popular and there are a variety of ways to earn money. If you have an eye for a bargain, these sites can be used to resell items you’ve bought and make a profit. For those with a creative hobby making handcrafted items, you can make money selling them online too. For the more ambitious you can set up your own eBay shop and become an online trader.

There’s a relatively low cost start up as there’s no need to rent or buy a store from which to sell your goods, although you may require a storage facility if you purchase stock in bulk. It offers the potential to grow into a large and profitable business but is very competitive and you’ll need to stand out among the crowd in order to succeed.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is usually associated with visiting stores and restaurants to provide feedback on customer service.  There are companies who only focus on online assignments or it can also be done over the phone. The jobs involve providing reports on customer service and user experience.

It doesn’t require any skills other than an eye for detail and to be able to complete the forms accurately. Earnings can vary quite a lot but it becomes a challenge to make more than few hundred pounds per month as payment is often in the form of a product or free meal at a restaurant.

Promoting products and services on Websites and Social Media

Building up a big following on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites present an opportunity to make money promoting products and services. Likewise, a popular blog or website can also generate enough money to be a significant source of income. Google Ads, affiliate programs and website sponsorship can all generate income as can providing backlinks to other websites.

This is a specialist area that requires investment and can easily become a money pit. The rewards can be high but you’ll be competing against experienced marketers and companies with deep pockets.



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mohamed azhar huzair says


Very well explained. My personal view after reading all your articles on the different modes of buying and selling, i think ' matched betting ' appeals to me. Having you as my mentor, i can safely say , you will do your best for all your students, subscribers and customers alike.

Congratulations ! are in order.

Thanking You Graham

Mohamed Azhar Huzair.