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The key to making money from matched betting is finding bets at similar odds with bookmakers and betting exchanges. Life would be so much more difficult without our matched betting automatcher which provides the best bets to place in the blink of an eye.

Odds Matcher is the search tool developed in-house for and, unlike other odds matching software, uses a live odds feed to compare prices with 31 bookmakers and four betting exchanges. The developers have created a tool with unique features to speed up the process of matched betting and make it more accessible for those who can’t always be near a computer at the best time to do an offer.

Odds Matcher odds and the amount of money available on the exchanges update in real time. This removes much of the frustration experienced when going to the exchange to find the lay odds have moved or there is no longer enough money available to complete the match. It’s a common occurrence and means back tracking to the odds matching software to find another bet and hoping there is no repeat next time. However, Odds Matcher provides the alerts before leaving the website and saves much of the hassle.

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Users can identify volatile betting markets as the prices change and liquidity updates live on screen. When using the integrated matched betting calculator, an icon appears when the odds change and with one click, the ideal lay stake and profit (or qualifying loss) is recalculated using the latest odds. Similarly, alerts will warn whenever there’s not enough money in the betting exchange market to cover the ideal lay stake. It makes Odds Matcher very user friendly and is especially helpful for newcomers to matched betting who want an easy experience while finding their feet.

The tool is optimised for mobile and can be used with confidence when out and about. I’m not advocating matched betting on mobile as a replacement to using a laptop or computer. Dual and triple screen set ups are ideal for matched betting with the need to reference the ideal lay stake in the calculator, the bookmaker’s betting market and the lay odds on the exchange. However, modern smartphone browsers can quickly switch between tabs and allow Odds Matcher users to do an occasional offer while out and about. So, if you are waiting in the supermarket car park before a football offer kicks off, you can pull out the phone and place the qualifying bet with ease.

Odds Matcher includes all the filter options expected from a state of the art odds finder. Bets are ranked by the rating for normal matches or SNR rating when using free bets. Users can choose to search by bookmaker, betting exchange and sport. Searches can be further refined by competition, event, betting market, by minimum/maximum odds, minimum/maximum rating, amount available to lay and a variety of time parameters



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