Matched Betting After The Football Season

Matched Betting After The Football Season

For matched bettors who focus solely on sports offers to generate a profit, the conclusion of the football season can put a dent in their profits. After all, football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the UK and so bookmakers tend to run an increased number of betting offers for the sport. Here at MatchedBets, the team adds new football offers on a daily basis which include ‘Bet & Get’ offers, refunds, early payout offers and many more.

When the football season ends, there is usually a break of around 3 months. With football being forced to take a break this season from March through to June, things may be a little different heading into the 2020/21 season but there will always be a period of rest and so it can be useful to look at other ways to generate an income to replace the lack of football offers.

So, what are your options?

1. Other Sports

Although there are a lot of betting offers for football during the season, it’s not the only sport bookies run promotions for. Horse racing is a huge earner for many matched bettors whether it be through free bets, extra places, money-back offers, dutching, price boosts or other. If you haven’t had experience with horse racing offers, then it may be a good time to ready through some guides and learn how profiting from extra places and other horse racing offers is possible.

2. Casino Offers

As well as profiting from online sports betting offers, many matched bettors do very well from online casino offers. 

Casino offers work differently to free bets you generally get with bookmakers as they do involve some risk. The level of risk depends on the offer but if you are new to casino offers, we would recommend starting with the no deposit offers and the low-risk offers.

There are many no deposit offers available to players who sign up to a new casino. They’re generally of a relatively small value but as no deposit is required on your half, they’re a risk-free chance of making a profit. No deposit offers can come in the form of both bonuses and free spins. For example, you may be offered 20 free spins on a slot when registering a new account at a casino, or a £5 bonus for registering a new account. With no deposit bonuses and free spins, there are usually wagering requirements and winnings caps applied to the bonuses. However, as they’re risk-free, they’re usually worth working your way through.

Low-risk casino offers are offers which require you to risk some of your own money in return for free spins, bonuses or other rewards.

Some examples of low-risk casino offers are:

‘Wager £5 on slots and get 10 free spins’

‘Wager £10 on Blackjack and get a £5 bonus with x3 wagering’

With these offers, it is possible that you could lose your money when qualifying and not win anything from using your bonus or free spins. However, providing that the offer has a positive expected value, you will make a profit in the long-term with these offers.

It is essential that you always know the EV of an offer before starting it and only attempt it if it has a positive EV.

  • Positive Expected Value = You have the edge over the casino
  • Negative Expected Value = The casino has the edge over you

3. Learn Additional Strategies

Matched betting isn’t always about free bets and bonuses. As you become more experienced and talk to others who have experience, you’ll understand that there are several ways to generate a profit using various methods.

Dutching is one example of a method which is not particularly undertaken by beginners but can prove extremely profitable in the right circumstances. 

Another example is value betting. This is when a bookmaker has priced a bet at odds higher than the probability of it coming in.


Although we all like to take advantage of the regular football offers which are available during the season, there are plenty more opportunities to generate a profit during the break. After all, the bookies don’t go into hibernation during the off-season and so run an increased number of betting offers for other sports in replacement of football in an attempt to attract new and existing customers.

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