Matchbook 0% Commission for new customers


Betting exchange are offering new customers 0% commission on all bets when signing up prior to February 2019.

Any customers who have not yet opened an account with Matchbook will be able to take advantage of this offer and pay 0% commission throughout January. To claim, simply open an account with Matchbook up until the 31st January 2019 and no commission will be charged across all bets until this date.

With a host of bookmaker offers expected to be available to kick-start the new year, this is a perfect chance to increase your profits by paying no commission on your exchange bets.

Launching in 2014, Matchbook has become a popular choice for matched bettors and traders. Offering low commission rates and a user-friendly site, the betting exchange has grown to be welcome competition for other exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets.

If you haven’t signed up to Matchbook yet, now is a great time. Having accounts at multiple betting exchanges gives you more choice for your lay bets where you can often find better odds which can save you money when laying your bets.

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By Matchedbets Experts


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