March Madness Betting: A Guide to Moneyline Odds, Spreads, and Totals in NCAA Basketball 2021

march madness betting guide

Regardless of the reason, people love to gamble during sporting events. One of the exciting parts when it comes to betting on sports like basketball is that there are many ways you can build a profitable betting plan and strategy. 

Basketball betting is a fun way to make money.  It can also be complicated since there are different types of bets involved. But once you have experience in basketball betting,  you will gain more knowledge of it. There are a lot of ways in choosing winning bets, such as analyzing advanced tips, use guides in picking winners, pointing out where you will have to take advantage of, configure your way of thinking as there are some people who are not sure what their mind is working and more examples of how bettor observes at games and make picks. 

It is safe to say that when you are in sports gambling, you go for a good chance, and you know how to handle yourself on this kind of platform. One of the best things you can do to improve that chance is to learn your strategies when betting and money-making. 

Betting can be profitable when you master sports and gambling. There are many experts in betting that want to share their knowledge. To know more about this, you can go here

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline Odds is also called a straight-up bet (SU) which involves choosing a winner.  Moneyline betting is also about placing your bet on the side that will give you the best chance of winning. For example, if you set a Moneyline bet on a particular team, it won’t matter how many wins they get; you win in any case. But, if they lose any amount of points, you will lose your bet. 

The favorite team that is predicted to win is likely listed with a minus (-) sign, and the underdog team that is predicted to lose is likely listed with a plus (+) sign. These signs represent how one or another part of the wager will pay. The plus part will pay more, and the minus part will pay less than the original wager. 

The sportsbook’s goal is based on the exact amount of money bet on each part of the game. Moneyline betting strategy is to predict when and how the money line will move. The more you can get about predicting the movements, the more profitable you are.  

Point Spreads

The simplest form of basketball betting. This type of bet uses a spread to allow the underdog team to get points to make them more attractive to bettors.

Point Spreads are usually based on the underdogs and favourites. Favourites mean that a team is predicted to win, and the underdog means that a team is predicted to lose to bring up the contrast in fairness. It is very challenging to win at sports betting, most importantly picking the bet’s right side. 

You have the big chance to make money betting basketball point spreads. You just have to develop a winning strategy that will help you. This kind of bet can be tricky. It can help you give a clear view of a game. You just have to take a look at the spread line points and know which lines to focus on before looking at the  Sportsbook’s lines.


Another popular betting method is the Over/Under Odds, also known as the Total. Total is a bet where you have to predict correctly and combine the scores of both sides. You have to choose if that total score will be higher or lower than the number set by the oddsmakers, people who set lines and odds.

Oddsmakers analyze the matchup with the two teams, looking at both offensive and defensive production and calculate the total number of points scored by both teams for the game. 

By figuring out the over/ under of a basketball game, you have to focus on the movements of each team, such as past head-to-head matchups; where two teams used to play in the defensive side, Trends; involving the best way in breaking down the over/under situation and the Player matchups; if the team got into an edge of a position that leads to a high-scoring situation. 

Some bettors believe that they can identify the best wagers by what other bettors are doing.  Observing each team’s line movement is a way of knowing when to take advantage when picking your basketball bets. Researching over or under-line movements will help you see the effect on the total outcomes. 

In Conclusion

The popularity of gambling in basketball became bigger over the years.  Great ways and strategies in handling basketball betting are by watching as many games as possible, observing each team’s line movement and positions that lead to a high-scoring situation, characteristics of each team, and most importantly, mastering the different types of betting techniques.

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