Make Up To £500 With Matchbook Bet Exchange

Matchbook Betting On Further Expansion

Matchbook bet exchange are offering new customers the opportunity to claim up to £500 back as cash. As matched bettors, this is an extremely attractive looking offer and one that is certainly worth attempting. The amount you make from this will be dependant on how many lay bets you will be placing when completing other matched betting offers.

Matchbook bet exchange welcome offer

Essentially, the offer is a simple one. When you open an online account with Matchbook bet exchange and make a deposit, you will have qualified. You will then need to use Matchbook as your chosen bet exchange and for every £5 in commission that you pay you will receive £5 back as cash, up to the maximum amount of £500. This offer is valid for the first five weeks of your Matchbook account being open, so for all of your exchange bets in those five weeks you will be eligible for the commission refund.

When matched betting, this offer is all about the timing. It is best to only open an account with Matchbook if you know you are going to be completing a number of other offers, and thus placing a lot of lay bets, in the next five week period. If you opened your account and then only proceeded to lay a few bets in the five weeks, you would miss out on a lot of potential cash back. If your situation allows it, choosing selections that require large stakes is the best way to attempt this offer, as then the amount you pay in commission will be greater. Of course, this means your refund amount would be greater too.

As mentioned, the refund is paid in £5 instalments, and if you do qualify for a refund then it will be credited into your Matchbook bet exchange account within 24 hours of the qualifying criteria being met. This is the same for every £5 cash refund you qualify for.  The strategy is simply to use Matchbook as your exchange account for five weeks whilst completing the other sign up and reload offers that are listed here on

Some terms to watch out for

  • Applies to all bets on sport at all odds
  • All bets placed on casino products will not count
  • Only one offer per customer, per household, per device or shared device, and per shared IP address or range of IP addresses
  • Void bets will not qualify

Matchbook state in their terms that when you win or lose a minimum of £100 across the total number of bets you have made, you will be deemed to have paid £1 in commission. Therefore that gives you a bit of an idea on how much you will have to stake to build up the potential cash refunds. Unless you are betting with enormous stakes, it is fairly unlikely that you will claim the maximum £500 cash refund but this does not mean that it is not worth doing. It is best to attempt this when you have plenty of sign up offers left to do and just use Matchbook to lay your bets off. Ideally, many of these offers would be the bonus rollovers, as they require a few more bets to be placed.

Using Matchbook bet exchange

Since the site was launched back in 2004, Matchbook bet exchange have been a very popular betting exchange choice for both matched bettors and normal punters alike. The website gives you a positive user experience and is laid out in an easy to follow fashion. The fact that there is a search bar at the top of the page is extremely useful, as it allows you to find the exact market you are looking for within a few seconds of being on the site. The colours for a back bet and a lay bet are slightly different to their competitors. To place a back bet at the best possible odds, click the dark blue box. To place a lay bet on a selection at the best possible odds, click the dark pink box.

After you have used Matchbook for the sign up offer, is it worth continuing to use the site when laying your bets? There are certainly plenty of reasons why you should stick around. Though they may not have as much liquidity as Betfair for example in a number of markets, you will still be able to get your bet matched easily as long as you stick to the more mainstream events such as Premier League football. If you are unfamiliar with the term, liquidity is how much money is available to back or lay on a particular market.

There are around 15 popular sports which you can place your bets on, including football, horse racing, tennis, rugby and boxing. The fact that you are betting with and against other exchange users means that there are plenty of opportunities to find competitive odds.

They offer support through a number of different channels, including a very important live chat feature. They can also be contacted by telephone, email, Facebook and Twitter. There is no forum at the moment though this may change in the future. As well as accessing the website on a desktop, the mobile version of the site is very slick to use meaning you can get your bets on while you are out and about too. There is also a mobile app which is available for Apple and Android devices.

The main factor that helps Matchbook stand out is their low commission rates for certain users. The way they charge commission is very different to other big exchanges. At Betfair, Smarkets and Betdaq, users only pay commission when a bet has won. At Matchbook, users pay commission on both winning and losing bets. If you were to place a bet on set odds then the commission rate is 1.5%, and if you make your own odds you will get a lower commission rate of 0.75%.

It is a slight disappointment that UK and Irish users have to pay a little but extra due to a consumption tax. Even with this tax though, the commission rates are still less than rival betting exchanges. Due to this, keeping your Matchbook account open is an excellent idea, as there will be many cases where they will have more liquidity for a market or an offer of better odds. Though there could be more markets, there are big plus points such as the excellent customer support, quick deposit and withdrawal times and low commission rates.

With, you will always have access to all of the promotions that are listed by the bookmakers which can be turned into a profit through matched betting techniques. Our team of experts run the rule over all offers in order to see how much they could potentially be worth. Then, we write up an easy to follow step by step guide for each, which lets you know exactly what you need to do in order to make a profit from each offer.



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