Make the most of bet365 matched betting


So you’ve returned some impressive profits on matched betting, and feel like you’re ready for the next step? Well, with bet365’s bonus funds, you could soon be turning the 100% bonus into £160 cash in the blink of an eye.

bet365 offers a basic matched deposit bonus, whereby betting £200 of real money will be returned with a bonus of £200, known as bonus funds. This differs from normal matched betting as the bonus is cash and your stakes will be returned. Of course, the best and most risk-free version is to follow the same matched betting technique as when qualifying for free bets, of which you are already familiar. Find the best odds as close to one another as possible as previously done with betting exchange sites.

bet365 matched betting isn’t something you go into without the prior knowledge of matched betting. With bet365, as discussed with the difference to other bookies, you need to bet the bonus three times altogether, that’s a turnover of £600 in addition to your deposit. In the best case, you attempt to ‘lose’ what is in your bet365 account – deposit and bonus funds – in order to gain a quick profit. Otherwise you may need to find a much bigger matched bet or place a series of matched bets until you are able to withdraw your bet365 balance.

Make sure you are with a betting exchange account, such as Betfair, before this, which should be the case if you are aware of matched betting. Follow the usual steps of placing a qualifying bet and hope it loses.

Once you receive the bonus, bet on, for example, Arsenal to beat Bayern Munich at 3.00, then lay a bet on Arsenal to not win on Betfair or their equivalent. The higher odds mean there’s more chance to back a loser than the minimum requirement of 1.5. If it loses, you’ll avoid the rollover and can move on to the next offer.

Otherwise, you would need to then find another sporting event with the same odds, and bet on those as well. This way, using the techniques you already know, you can now use bet365 matched betting to maximise your profits and pretty much keep all of the bonus without breaking sweat!

Ideally, you’d want to lose on bet365, but not only to avoid wagering the bonus three times but because in a way, as has been detailed by some other experts, this does look good to the bookies as you’ve ‘lost’ the money. Although you have been lay betting the entire time. This is not gambling – it’s bet365 matched betting.

Losing is winning in this situation – the quicker the deposit and bonus goes from bet365, the quicker it arrives at your betting exchange account. In case you do win with bet365 though, you need to have a nice kitty of money to pool into the betting exchange account to cover the liabilities. Some people advise £2000.

Don’t be put off by this amount. It’s simply because you have to wait to withdraw the winnings from your bet365. The £2000 covers the amount you’ll need if you have to complete the wagering in full in a short a time as possible. Once you lose the balance on bet365, your profit will be waiting in the exchange. The more money you have as backup, the more swift the transaction.

bet365 matched betting isn’t like other bookies, considering the prize money is so much more. Do not go into this first without having tried, tested and profited on matched betting. Once you have, prepare for profits. You won’t regret it.



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