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When it comes to online football betting, you’ve seen at least one goal through the term “over 3.5 goals”. So what is it actually? Is it similar to “over 1.5 goals” or “over 2.5 goals”? If yes, what is the same, if different, how is it different? Is “over 3.5 goals” easier and has a higher chance of winning? If you have these questions but do not know who to ask, please read the article below to understand how and tips to win easily. Let’s read.

What does the term “Over 3.5 goals” mean?

“Over 3.5 goals” is when you are betting on a match with 4 or more goals. With this bet, you will be wagering on the total number of goals scored by both teams during the 90 minutes played. For example, an end result is 2-1 (meaning 3 goals are scored), you will lose. But if the final result is 3-2 (meaning 5 goals scored) then you will win. This type of betting is difficult, but the odds are very high and very interesting so it attracts a huge number of players from all over the world including 12BET betting players in Vietnam.

How to choose a match to bet?

Bet on “over 3.5 goals” has been a favorite type of betting in recent years because the gap with “over 2.5 goals” is not much, but the payout is huge. With the explosion of the Internet, finding and gathering information to place bets is no longer a difficult thing, so more and more players are searching on website 12BET according to BET88 or forums for how to win bets.

All of the match information, the more you research it, the higher your odds of winning. Information such as lineups, defenses, strikers, recent goals scored or the topography of the field should also be considered, including player transfer history. The more information you know, the more confident you will make to bet, and of course, win more.

Be good at betting prediction, how to?

Since winning this bet is not easy, the odds are also much higher than the other bets. The score of the match that can fall between 2-1 (3 goals) and 4-1 (5 goals) is very high according to our analysts, so winning is not impossible. . In case of watching the match for more than 10 minutes but no goals have been scored, you can review your decision to decide whether to continue betting or not.

While this article gives you tips on how to get started with this game, you also need to come up with a long-term strategy yourself if you want to move forward on your betting career. No one just wins by using a few tips by luck, you have to have your own tactics and strategies.

Things you should keep in mind:

Just because “over 3.5 goals” is a difficult bet, doesn’t mean you should avoid it completely. Instead, just try to be more cautious and balance your bets. Whenever you are unsure whether or not you should take a prediction seriously, think about the following benefits: It has no turning back. When four or more goals have been scored in the match, you may stop paying attention to the outcome. As soon as you set a goal, you don’t have to worry for the rest of the schedule. Can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. See how do odds work in betting. According to statistics, four goals in a match is a rare feat. Just because it’s unlikely to happen too often, you could win a lot of money if you’re a winner.


Hopefully analyzed by BET88 website about bookmaker 12BET, the above article has satisfied your questions about “over 3.5 goals” for a long time. I wish you confidence with this game.

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