Ladbrokes Exchange Betting Review

Ladbrokes Exchange Betting Review

It is no secret that Ladbrokes have been one of the most famous bookmakers both on the high street and online for a very long time. Along with the success they have had with the sportsbook, they have also decided to branch into the betting exchange game. The launch of Ladbrokes Exchange gives betting opportunities on pretty much anything you’d like.

Betting exchanges offer their customers the opportunity to bet against each other. They then have the option to play the role of a normal punter or the role of a bookmaker. In the role of the bookmaker, users can offer odds to any liability they are prepared to lose. On the flip side, punters can request odds to a stake amount that they are prepared to lose.

As matched bettors, choosing the right betting exchange is crucial for maximising our profits. With a betting exchange account, we are able to use bookmaker offers to guarantee ourselves a profit, by backing a selection with the bookie and laying against the same selection on the exchange. A back bet is simple to understand, it is simply betting on a selection to win. A lay bet is different, as it is betting on a selection to lose. This way, we cover both outcomes and when using a free bet stake or a bonus we can ensure a profit.

The Ladbrokes Exchange site can be accessed on a desktop or on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, so you can place your lay bets on the go. There are around 15 sports available on the exchange, with a decent amount of markets for each. The commission you will need to pay on winnings is 5% each time. This is essentially a fee that you pay to the exchange provider. You are able to cash out on the site, but when completing matched betting offers we should probably avoid this option.

A Comparison

But how does the Ladbrokes Exchange compare to the leading betting exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets?

The 5% commission rate is equal to that of Betfair and Betdaq and is higher that the 2% on offer from Smarkets. The liquidity, or the amount available to place on that market, is always important, as if there is not enough liquidity on your selection then you won’t be able to get your bet fully matched. The liquidity on Ladbrokes Exchange is quite good. They are helped by the fact that it shares its platform with Betdaq whose members are using the Exchange too. On the main markets you should be able to get most of your bets matched no problem, and even a lot of the more obscure markets still have money in the pot.

The layout and general feel of the website are good, and as you would expect they use a similar layout to their sportsbook which many users have come to know and love. When matched betting, you can use the Ladbrokes Exchange to lay your bets and help you to complete your betting offers. Betfair and Smarkets still have the edge over Ladbrokes Exchange for now, due to their range of markets and commission rates respectively, but Ladbrokes Exchange is still a very good option for certain occasions.



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