Ladbrokes Alter Their Accumulator Insurance Offer

Ladbrokes Alter Their Accumulator Insurance Offer

Ladbrokes odds have always been amongst the best around and UK punters have been seeing so much good value. For us matched bettors, their excellent odds were especially important in their Acca Insurance offer, as they increased the value of our accas quite a lot. Unfortunately, the key word in the previous sentence was ‘were’ as the bookmaker recently altered the terms and conditions of their Acca Insurance promotion.

What is Acca Insurance?

Acca Insurance is a special offer that is listed by certain bookmakers, including Ladbrokes, that allows you to receive a refund as a free bet if exactly one selection of your five team or more accumulator fails to win. They are useful from a matched betting perspective as they can be used to make a profit, with the help of tools such as our Odds Matcher and matched betting calculator. Our Acca Backer tool also finds automatic selections for you, giving you the best possible estimated value for each offer. I will explain a little bit more about the Acca Backer later in the article.

If you were given a free bet, it can be used to turn back into cash, to around 80% of the stake amount. There are four different ways to complete an Acca Insurance offer:

  • Lay Sequential – Using the leverage of the free bet to produce a profit no matter what the result is. This will make more profit the longer the accumulator is winning.
  • Lock In – Also using the free bet value, this produces the same profit no matter what happens. It will return the same amount whether the acca fell at the first selection or the very last.
  • Lay at Start – This allows you to lay each selection at once, freeing up more time to complete other offers.
  • No Lay – Using the probability theory to make money, by trusting the odds we will win in the long term.

Changes to Ladbrokes

For the last football season, Ladbrokes were without doubt one of the most valuable Acca Insurance offers around. This was due to the fact that they had no minimum odds for the selections that were included in each individual accumulator. This meant that we were able to include ‘banker’ selections that were almost certain to win, making it more likely that we would come out with a profit from the offer.

The bad news is that they have now decided to alter these terms. Ladbrokes have recently introduced minimum odds of 1.1 for each selection. This would not make too much of a difference, as there are still many great value selections that can be found close to 1.1. The biggest blow for our matched betting is the introduction of minimum cumulative odds of 4.0 for each accumulator. Throughout last season, the key plus point of the Ladbrokes Acca Insurance offer from our point of view was that we could include accas with cumulative odds of less than 3.0, which isn’t really possible with any other acca insurance offer.

These changes follow on from some other high profile changes to accumulator insurance offers. Coral announced in early August that they were doing away with their Acca Insurance offer completely, replacing it with a much less profitable winnings boost. Betfred also announced changes to their Acca Insurance offer, with minimum odds of 1.33 for each selection and the fact that it could only be claimed once per day. The most disappointing change from our point of view was probably the William Hill Acca Insurance offer, as they introduced minimum odds of 1.2 for each selection, after they had no minimum odds on certain leagues the previous season.

It is not all doom and gloom though, as we can certainly still profit from the Ladbrokes offer. Just be aware that the maximum free bet refund each time is £25 and that you can only receive one refund per day. On average, the estimated value is around £6 each time. The best way to complete the Ladbrokes Acca Insurance offer is through the use of our special Acca Backer tool.

Using the Acca Backer

It is without doubt one of the most important matched betting tools available at the moment, and it has received praise from all corners of the matched betting community. Through using the tool regularly, you will be able to keep profits rolling in from accumulator offers all year around. Before the introduction of the Acca Backer, you would have had to fill in an overly complicated spreadsheet each time you wanted to place an accumulator. This is all done away with now, and you can complete the offers fully in just a few clicks.

Using the filter, you can search for exactly what you want and the best value accas will be shown to you instantly. The filter options give you complete control, and they include;

  • Choose some offers
  • Pick some sports
  • Pick some acca types
  • Pick some markets
  • Pick some Betting Exchanges
  • Minimum and Maximum Total/Selection odds
  • Elapsed time up to
  • Starts after
  • Minimum Estimated Value (EV)
  • Starts on and ends on date

Currently listing 13 Acca Insurance offers available from bookmakers, the tool is extremely easy to use and the best part is, it links to all of our other tools too. When you click into an acca that has been shown, the odds will automatically update if they change on either the bookmaker or exchange sites. You can also manually edit the stake if needed. When clicking save, the acca will be shown on your dashboard and added to our bet tracker, ensuring that you keep up with your total matched betting profits.

If you wish to change a selection, simply click the swap button and other good options will be shown to you. The great thing is, your new EV is shown before you have even swapped a selection, so that you know if you are making a good change. Choose any of the four money making methods and have a read through the extensive guide for each. You can even use the Acca Backer on the move, as it is fully optimised for mobile devices.

Other Ladbrokes Offers

Acca Insurance is not the only Ladbrokes offer that we can profit from. Lets take a look at just some of the others.

  • Welcome Offer – The bookie will give you a £50 free bet to use when you enter a promo code and deposit and bet £50 of your own money. This money is never at risk though, as we can back a selection to win with Ladbrokes and lay against it winning at a betting exchange to cover both outcomes. With a minimal qualifying loss, we can then use the free bet stake to guarantee a profit through the same back and lay strategy. This offer is worth around £35 when complete!
  • Money Back If – This offer is often listed by Ladbrokes and it comes in different forms. It is usually reintroduced for a big sporting event, for example the offer at the moment is money back as a free bet up to £10, if your first Set 1 Correct Score bet loses for the first match of each day session on the Arthur Ashe Court at the US Open. If you can find a good match, then you should be able to make £5 on each day of the tournament.
  • Odds Boost – Recently introduced, this is a very useful little offer that can be used to essentially ‘arb’ a profit. An arb is simply a selection that has bigger odds at the bookmaker than at the exchange, allowing us to ensure a profit. With this offer, you can get one Odds Boost a day and it should be worth around £2 each time.

Ladbrokes Odds Boost

You can find full step by step guides for each of these offers, as well as all of the other matched betting friendly offers listed by bookmakers, in the premium section of Join today and we can help you guarantee a profit through matched betting.



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