Key differences between online casino and sports betting

Key differences between online casino and sports betting

Have you ever placed a bet and later pulled at your hair because the market was suspended? That will “never” happen in an online casino. Granted, there have been a few exceptional cases where a slot had to be temporarily pulled because of some technical error, but this is like once in a blue moon.

Another major difference is that payouts when you win can be delayed as sports books rely on the official results to be logged. This means that you can see the end of a sporting event and know that you have a winning bet, but the payment will be pending until the official score has been recorded.

All winnings in online casinos are instant and possible to withdraw as long as you’re not playing with bonus money from casino promotions. That is a bit of a different story. The same may be said about free spins, but this is east to overcome.

The size of your potential winnings is also a key difference. How many events to you have to include on an accumulator to win close to €20 million? On a bet of €1 you would probably have to put close to 30 events with an odds of 2.00 each. And the presumed odds for winning would be 1/10,000,000.

There are progressive jackpot slots out there that can payout that same amount in a matter of minutes… But the main difference between online casino and sports betting is human error.

Slots do not make mistakes

An online slot does not make mistakes. It relies on a super sophisticated random number generator which produces tons of possible outcomes every second. Many sports, however, is predicated on the observational skills of humans.

Especially when we look at football. Was the player offside or not? Should the team have been awarded a penalty kick in the final minute? These split-second decisions are made by humans, and we all know what a great track record we have of always getting everything right.

If a referee is bias or is having a bad day, his or her decisions will affect the outcome of your bet. News flash! An online slot is not capable of bias or having a bad day.

Take Advantage of Promotions 

There are few things more thrilling than winning sports bets and that is especially the case if you win some loot betting on your favorite team. However, what if your favorite team is on a break or are not playing on a certain day? Where can you get that thrill?

Well, the answer is an easy one: give an online casino a chance. There are tons of games to play at online casinos and one of the cool things about them is that you can take advantage of promotions offered to pad your bankroll, which will only increase the chance of winning more money. 

There are so many online casinos these days and they are all vying for your business. Because of this they offer lucrative bonuses and promotions you should take advantage of. There are many different types of from a welcome bonus and reload bonus to free spins and daily promotions and more.

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