Is There a Strategy to Win More in Roulette?

Is There a Strategy to Win More in Roulette?

Having control over the wheel of life has always been one of the utmost wishes of humankind—to be able to predict what the next event in their life is, to be able to understand and contemplate one’s moves and take actions accordingly has been a rather godly attribute humans have only craved for. This ability to understand one’s hand is not just confined to the wheel of life, but has also extended to the tables of the casino—more specifically, roulette. Be it penny roulette in the UK, or casinos in good old Las Vegas, humans have always wanted to know more about the unpredictable and take actions accordingly, more often than not for their own benefit, monetary or otherwise. In this regard, roulettes have always been one of the “flagship” offerings in casinos, with high stakes and higher rewards, albeit with a few caveats. In order to bypass these, one can follow certain tried and tested strategies and gameplays in order to maximise their efficiency in the roulette business. Here is what one can follow in order to ensure that they return home with their big bag of rewards. 

The Iconic Martingale Strategy for Roulette

One of the most ubiquitous strategies applied all across the casino industry, the Martingale Strategy for Roulette also happens to be one of the easiest to learn and master. This method relies on the idea of doubling one’s bets after one unluckily manages lose or keep losing, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of not only recovering previous losses but also ensuring a small window for profit. This is usually hailed as one of the simplest strategies available, almost as simple as understanding basic betting terms!

Placing it forth in simpler terms, if one puts forth their wagers on a single item colour and keeps increasing them by two, until one manages to win, they recover their losses; the only small caveat is that one should try and avoid being on a losing streak, as absurd as it may sound. In order to exercise this, it is quintessential to scout for a table with a small bet amount as their low or minimum, and a high bet amount as their maximum status, and choosing appropriate wagers and numbers associated with it. The trick is to keep betting in similar small terms repeatedly—if you manage to place yourself in a victorious position, wager the minuscule bet you initially placed, and if you are unlucky, and lose, increase the wager amount two times and keep persevering.

The only possible precaution is to ensure that you do not exceed your budget when it comes to wagers—considering the fact that this method is not the most efficient of them all, it becomes important to know when to leave with your winnings. 

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

It is a sin to think about roulettes without taking into consideration the strategy that Ian Fleming came up with and his popular creation executed at the table. Fleming was sure that his “foolproof” method was efficient enough to make you win an equivalent of the “price of a good dinner” if you used it every night. However, for this roulette winning strategy, players need at least $200. 

The trick lies in the fact that one needs to place at least $130 on the higher numbers such as 20 and above, and $60 on the lower numbers, for instance, from 13 to 19, whilst keeping the remaining $10 at 0 as a means of insurance. If you are unlucky enough to see numbers spring up from 1 to 12, you will automatically lose the $200, and this is when you start implementing the Martingale Strategy. 

However, the other side of the coin states that you have possibly managed to score a sweet profit margin. The only risk factor that comes along with this strategy is the presence of the numbers 1-12, but as a proponent of the idea of risk-taking like the iconic 007 himself, if you do manage to take that chance, diamonds are forever

The Roulette Strategy Devised by D’Alembert

Possibly as efficient as the Martingale roulette strategy, if not safer, the Roulette Strategy Devised by D’Alembert seems to be a rather great second choice, if you are not in the mood for extreme risk taking. The trick here lies in the idea of appreciating or depreciating the wagers by one unit, which is much more secure than doubling. Unlike most other casino counterparts, this is one of the safest ways to ensure the least amount of monetary leakage. 

The basic trick is to place small wagers and to increase it by one in case of a loss, and depreciate it by the same amount in case of a win. The other trick quite obviously, would be to way as and when deems fit—particularly if your victories have equalled your droppings, in order to maximise your profit, even when you are on a losing streak. 

On these similar lines, it becomes essential to keep a solid track of your victories and losses, and that is possibly the only disadvantage attached to it. If you are good with numbers and can keep a count of this, the D’Alembert Strategy is your safest way out.

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