Is Matched Betting Too Good To Be True

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Matched Betting is an amazing opportunity to earn some easy money but many people are turning their backs on the chance to make a tax-free income because they think it must be too good to be true. Are you looking a gift horse in the mouth?

It’s strange because the message couldn’t be clearer and matched betting has been endorsed by upstanding news agencies like the Guardian and Telegraph not to mention Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert whose website forum has a whole section dedicated to matched betting.

They all agree that matched betting is a legitimate way to make some easy money. When done correctly, people can earn a tax-free income without any risk even though matched betting involves placing bets with online bookmakers. This because the gambling element is removed by taking advantage of free bet offers with a clever staking plan that guarantees a profit. If you are reading this and want to know how it works, you should read this article about making a tax-free income from matched betting.

Matched Betting Tools For Making Easy Money

To make it pay in the early days required an expert knowledge of betting and laying. Not only that but lots of spare time to trawl the internet to find online betting sites and verify their credentials. It’s wasn’t surprising to find it was largely ‘people in the know’ with access to offers and a good head for figures who were cashing in. Five years ago matched betting wasn’t accessible to everyone, certainly not as a means of regular income.

But that has all changed thanks to websites like Matched Bets which delivers free bet offers with step by step instructions on how to turn each one into profit. Plus brilliant software to find the selections to bet on including a calculator that does all sums for you. What once took up to an hour (or more for the inexperienced) to make £20-£30 profit can now be done in a few minutes. And, with hundreds of free bet opportunities each week it’s easy to see how some people claim to be making over £20,000 per year matched betting on a part-time basis.

William Hill Gave Their Approval To Make Easy Money From Free Bets

You’d think people would be jumping straight into such an easy money making method which has been proven is not a scam and has even been endorsed by the bookmakers. Don’t believe it? Read this article in the Telegraph and see what William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe says about his company’s view on customers using free bet offers for matched betting. Basically, he says he’s happy for us to do what we want with our free bets.

Why is it then, that people read compelling evidence and ignore the chance to earn easy money? It could be mistrust of the term ‘easy money’ but what else can you say? It really is easy money, what percentage of the population can earn upwards of £500 per month tax-free for a 20-30 minutes effort each day?



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