How you can thrive at matched betting without free bets


What’s that we hear you ask? You can’t succeed with matched betting without free bets? Well, you can, and here are a few reasons for it to be true.

Of course, matched betting is predominately utilised through free bets, we get that, but what if there was a better way than having to rely on a company’s free betting scheme? You may have heard that matched betting without free bets comes with a greater magnitude of risk. It is not true, and in fact, with that being said, the rewards can be greater.

Bookmakers will, despite what you may think, have disputes on what odds they will give to a usual win-lose sporting event. This can range from basketball, tennis and American football. By scanning various different outlets, you will come across differences in odds regarding the same event. By doing so, you will we going home with a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome. All of this achieved without having to use a free bet!

Such a method, known as arbitraging, can have you in profit within a few hours, no strings attached. And now, we will take you through this betting technique so you can fully understand the rewards that can be made.

Take a basketball match between Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings. There are just two outcomes, a win or a loss for either team. Now, scanning across various different betting sites online and you will come across the best odds. Simple.

It should be noted too that for matched betting, decimal odds are a lot easier to work with than fractional odds. Betting exchanges use decimal odds as their default setting, and other bookmakers’ websites give you the option to swap from fractional to decimal.

So, the Raptors to win could be 1.30 on Coral, with the Kings at 3.93 to win with them as well. William Hill have the Raptors to win at 1.42, yet the Kings are 2.90 to win with William Hill.

As you can see, the best odds lie across the two bookmakers. The best odds for the Raptors to win come from William Hill, at odds of 1.42. The best odds for the Kings to take the win are 3.93 from Coral. Putting the two best odds together give a nice 95.9%. The overall rate gives a proportionate profit, meaning that there is a 4.1% GUARANTEED PROFIT. All of this without having to rely of free bets too, what could be better?

The key is to do research on every single bet you decide to place. Such a method of choice must be chosen to do shortly before the sporting event will go live, in order to keep an eye on changing rates across different betting outlets. If this is done, you could be looking at a nice little earner in a short space of time. No nail biting, no waiting to see the outcome. Done correctly, you can move onto another event, leaving the previous bet to rake home the winnings without a second thought.

Free betting isn’t the only option, and now you know.



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