How to Utilize Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes to The Max In 2020

How to Utilize Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes to The Max In 2020

For online casinos, welcome bonuses are a means to an end. Their aim is to attract new players to the casino. Of all the welcome bonus offers, the one that attracts most players is a no deposit bonus. 

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Whether it is in the form of a cash bonus or free spins, a no deposit bonus is always a win-win deal for players. 

Why plan ahead for no deposit bonuses? 

Alas, in this world, good things don’t last forever. The same is also true about no deposit offers. By nature, they tend to be very small – between £5 – £25 as cash, or up to 100 free spins at most casinos. 

Given the fun involved in online slots, you can blow through those bonuses in a flash. So getting maximum value out of them can be tricky. It takes care, attention to detail, and some planning – all before signing up for a no deposit bonus at a new casino. 

Once you claim the bonus, there is not much strategy involved. Casinos only allow no deposit bonuses to be used on video slots, almost never on table games. This is because table games like blackjack have the lowest house edge – increasing your chance of winning. 

As businesses, online casinos cannot allow that. So they offer slots instead, which have much better odds for the house. And your chances of winning big on a no deposit bonus at this stage depend entirely on luck. And of course we all love no deposit bonuses because they allow us to play without fear of losing real money.

Start by picking the right online casino

The biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with casino bonuses are those related to impulse decisions. Do not get too carried away by the bonus itself – look at the casino which is offering that bonus. 

If you sign up at a rogue casino that deals in pirated software, you have zero chances of winning anything, no matter how big or generous the bonus. 

Those that have been around for a while are more reliable than brand new casinos. Check for valid licensing, and look online at our platform for any complaints about the casino. 

Look at the games linked to the no deposit bonus

As we mentioned earlier, slots tend to have a higher house edge and concurrently lower Return to Player (RTP) among all casino games. While blackjack games have an RTP above 99, for slots, it can vary between 80 and 98.  

If you are looking at a no deposit free spin bonus, chances are it is linked to one or a handful of video slots. Often, casinos and vendors use bonuses to bring players to brand new slots or those that are not getting enough attention. 

But for you to squeeze the maximum value out of a no deposit bonus, any video slot offered by the casinos will not do. You need to look at the RTP stated for that game or all games associated with the bonus. 

As long as you took the effort to pick a trustworthy casino, you should have no trouble in finding this bit of info. Many casinos display the RTP at the game icon itself. Or else you can also do a google search of the slot and get the info directly from the vendor. 

Go for no deposit bonuses that involve slots with RTP closer to 97% -98%. This does not mean that you should ignore bonuses linked to slots with lower RTP! Play them by all means, since it is free. But if you want to increase your winning odds, play first at the slots with better RTP. 

Of course, if you are dealing with a no deposit cash chip, Things may be a bit different. Sometimes, they are not linked to any video slots. In that case, pick the highest RTP slot the casino permits you to play with that bonus from the catalogue.  

Also, pay attention to the wagering requirement

Even the highest RTP slot may not be able to win you any money if you overlook the wagering requirement of the bonus. This is the insurance policy used by online casinos to ensure that only few players win money using a no deposit (or any) casino bonus. 

Players hate wagering requirements as much as they love no deposit bonuses. A casino bonus can have wagering requirements as low as 20x, or as high as 60x or more. The higher this number, the lower is the chance of getting any cash out of a bonus. 

If you win £100 using a no deposit bonus, you will first have to multiply that by the wagering requirement. Take 60x and you will get £6000. This is the total value of bets you have to place at the casino, before you can withdraw any money. 

In all but the luckiest cases, players will end up exhausting that £100 long before they get even close to the £6000 wager mark. But if you reduce the 60x to 20x, the situation will change. £2000 wagering requirement, while difficult, is much easier to reach. This is why you should always pick bonuses that have lower wagering requirements.

Cashout limits and the need for lowered expectations

If you want to win thousands of pounds, you have to put your own money on the line. There is no other way. No deposit bonuses are cool because they are absolutely free. But no casino in their right minds would allow players to have even a chance of winning such huge amounts with a free bonus. 

This is why all no deposit offers come with a final condition – max cashout limit. This is a very simple rule – once you survive the gauntlet that is the wagering requirement, you can withdraw the amount left in your casino balance, but it has to be equal to or below the max cashout limit. 

At most casinos these days, the limit is around £100 or lower. So that maximum amount you can win with a no deposit offer is this. That might not sound like much, but always remember – you are getting it absolutely free! 

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