How to Use Free Bets to Enhance Your Profit

How to Use Free Bets to Enhance Your Profit

As a gambler, whether you are a new punter signing up with a website or someone who has been betting for a while, you will see and be able to use free bet offers.

These have become very common, with offers such as bet £10 get £30 for new players and smaller ones for existing players.

However, there are many people out there who will use them without thinking and this is not the approach to take. Instead you should be using these as part of your betting strategy, and with one thing in mind, which is to enhance your betting profit.

We all want to make a profit when betting and using free bet offers in the right way could be the difference between winning and losing.

Shopping Around

There is one vital aspect of getting free bets and that is shopping around. It is something that not too many people do, which is surprising given that when looking at any other purchase in life, people always look around and get the best deal they can find.

You should always mirror this approach with your betting and do everything you can to land as many free bets as possible.

This may be done by taking the biggest welcome offer you can find or going smaller but with a bookmaker that has a reputation for giving their existing customers a lot of free bets.

From following free picks made by others to staking your own selections after studying, the profit you will make here is only going to be enhanced by using free bets to place the wagers.

The Key to Lowering Your Staking Amount

The reason for this is because free bets are what you can use to lower your staking amount, without changing how much you bet and how often you place a wager.

Every time you place a bet and use a free bet token you are taking nothing away from your profit if it loses. This is a free chance to win money and boost your profit, without taking anything away.

If you are looking at a long term strategy then the way to do this is to target bookmakers who are known for offering a lot of regular free bets to their customers.

These may not be huge, usually £5 and sometimes even less, but if you get a few over the course of the year then they will really add up for you.

Even if these equate to just half of your usual bet, if you use them you are only going to be -0.5 of your unit stake if you lose, rather than a full stake, while the returns will be the same.

Free Bet Offers for Specific Sports

If you want to know how you can score the best free bets then look out for those which are specific to a particular sport or event.

Of course, you need to make sure you find one that is relevant to you, and a sport you will be betting on in the near future.

When a free bet becomes specific, like this, or based on a specific type of bet, they will often increase in value, as a bookmaker is using them to target a certain group of people.

As an example, if you are someone who watches and bets on the Premier League games that take place, look for free bets based around football, or maybe even around that league in particular.

These should be bigger and better for you to use than general open free bets that can be used on any sport. 

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