How To Protect Your Bookmaker Accounts

How To Protect Your Bookmaker Accounts

When matched betting, it is absolutely crucial to make sure our bookmaker accounts are fully functional in order to to continue profiting from offers. Being restricted, or ‘gubbed’, is the only thing that can really get in your way when making money from matched betting.

What is Gubbing?

‘Gubbing’ is the term used to describe when bookmakers restrict your betting accounts, meaning that you will no longer be able to profit from the offers that they list. If you have been gubbed, the bookmaker will have probably sent you an email explaining that you will no longer qualify for some or all of the promotions that they list. Gubbing or Gubbed are unofficial terms that the bookmaker will never use in their email, they will likely just explain that you cannot take promotions.

The reason they may decide to restrict your account may be linked to you only taking the offers and not placing any other bets. There are also a number of other red flags that we will discuss later in this article. We need to consider that each bookmaker is a business. All bookies love punters that lose more money than they win. If they see that you are winning too often, they may deem that your account is not profitable enough for them and thus remove your right to claim the offers.

How Do Bookies Track Us?

Lets face it, bookmakers do not like matched bettors. Bookies are able to track all of the bets that you place through their risk management team and if they have suspicion that you may be matched betting in order to guarantee a profit either way, you will flag up on their system. Is matched betting legal? Yes 100%, but the bookies can still restrict you in order to save themselves from potential losses.

As all bets are tracked, each sport and event that you bet on will be taken into consideration. Say for example you were winning a lot of money on horse racing but losing on football, the bookie may decide to reduce your maximum stake amount for horse racing only, as they would want to keep you betting on football. Remember, the bookie will always be trying to encourage you to lose with them in order to increase their profits.

The bookies will also track your IP address. If you are unfamiliar, an IP address is a special number that identifies each computer and its location. So, if you have been gubbed and you attempt to create an account for a family member or friend from the same computer, you will be flagged up on the bookies system straight away and restrictions are likely to be placed on the new account too. The same applies for your postal address, so simply setting up a new account under a different name is not that simple.

Internet cookies can also keep track of the pages you have visited, and these are often used to determine which offers to send you. They monitor how long you have been on a page and which links you have decided to click.

Why Might You Be Gubbed? 

There are a few reasons why a bookie might decide to place restrictions on your account.

  1. If you only ever place bets that are part of a special offer or promotion, the bookie will know immediately that you are a matched bettor and they can be quick to make sure you don’t profit from further offers. Therefore, you must take steps to prove that you also place bets on normal selections too. This is called ‘mug betting’, which we will explain in further detail later on.
  2. When using the Odds Matcher, you will automatically be shown the best value selections for certain offers. If you always take the best value selection, you will probably be flagged up with the bookmaker. Our advice would be to not take the best value every time. If you take a selection a bit further down the list, it will be healthier for your account.
  3. You have multiple accounts. This is an obvious one, but if you have multiple accounts registered to the same name, address, or IP address then you probably won’t be profiting from bookmaker offers for very long. Our advice is always to stick to one account for each bookmaker.

Other Factors That Arouse Suspicion 

Matched bettors always know where they need to be placing their bets and when. As it is a part time form of income, bets are often placed the day or night before an event is set to take place. This may make your account more noticeable to bookmakers though, so whenever possible you could try and place your bets closer to the start time of the match/race in order to blend in with other normal punters that are betting on the same event.

When there is a minimum stake needed in order to fulfil an offer, matched bettors usually place exactly the minimum amount in order to qualify for the free bet or bonus, in order to minimise any potential losses. This is another red flag that can bring your account to the attention of bookmakers.

When you place bets on obscure markets, it won’t take too long for you to be noticed. It is best to stick to betting on high profile events such as a big Premier League football match or a popular race meeting.

How long you spend on a bookmakers site can also be a give away. As matched bettors usually log in to the bookies site, place their bets and then leave, this can draw attention to your account. This is because normal punters often spend a lot more time on sites, in order to look for bets to place or to watch a live stream. In some cases, it may be best to stick around on the site for a short while in order to blend in.

How To Protect Your Account

Though there is no way to be 100% sure your accounts will not be gubbed, these are the best steps to take in order to keep yourself under the bookmakers’ radar.

  • Place Mug Bets

‘Mug bets’ are bets that are placed on markets without the possibility of getting a free bet or bonus. They can be crucial in making us look like a regular punter and keep our accounts from being flagged up to the bookmaker. This is the most proven way of protecting an account. Of course, you can use lay betting on the exchange to place a bet against your mug bet selection in order to reduce any potential losses, so you will only really be losing pennies from your mug bets. It is certainly worth it though in order to keep your bookmaker accounts healthy. One thing you can do is place your mug bets on your favourite team to win every week, as this is what a lot of average punters do regularly.

  • Bet on popular events

As mentioned previously, a good way to blend in and look like a regular punter is to always place your bets on popular events. For example, if the choice was either placing a bet on a Premier League football match or a match in Finland’s 4th division, you should go for the Premier League match as more people will be placing their normal bets on this event. Even if the value is greater on the more obscure bet, it is probably not worth the risk for a few extra pennies. Mixing up the odds you take is also good advice. If you always place your free bets at odds of 5.0 for example, the bookies are more likely to take a closer look at your account.

  • Be aware of your timings

Whenever you can you should attempt to place either your qualifying bet or free bet as close to the start of the relevant event as possible. Of course, don’t wait until just a few minutes before as the odds are likely to fluctuate then, but a hour or two before the start will really help you blend in.

  • Mix up your stakes

Always placing the minimum qualifying amount is a dead giveaway that you are probably matched betting, so on certain occasions you should bet slightly more that the minimum. For example if the offer was bet at least £10 and get a £10 free bet, perhaps you could place a £15 qualifying bet instead. It will increase your losses slightly, but will be good for the health of your account.

  • Stick to one account

If you register more than one account under the same name, IP address or postal address, the bookies’ alarm bells will be ringing immediately. It is simply not worth the risk and will be very harmful to the longevity of your accounts. It is also about using your common sense. If for whatever reason you feel like a bet may draw the bookmakers attention to your account, it is better not to take the risk.

  • Don’t withdraw funds immediately

This can obviously not apply to everyone as there will be many cases where you need the money in your bank account. After all, what is the point of making money if you can’t use it? If you can leave funds in a bookmaker account for a while then it may show the bookie that you are serious about placing further bets with them.



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