How to profit from Bore Draw Money Back Specials

bore draw money back specials

Bore Draw Money Back Specials are a common promotion which is run by several bookmakers and can return a good profit over time.

How do Bore Draw Money Back offers work?

As the name of the promotion suggests, the bookmaker will give you your money back (as a free bet usually) if the match you are betting on ends in a ‘bore draw’ which means 0-0. The terms of bore draw specials may vary between bookmakers such as eligible markets and games but the profit from all of them comes when a match ends goalless.

How to profit from Bore Draw offers

Bore draw betting offers are simple to do but do require a bit of luck to profit from as you need the match to end without a goal. If there is a goal in the match then it’s likely that you’ll make a small loss and so it’s important to realise that you won’t make a profit every time from these offers but a win should cover any losses for a lengthy period of time.

First, you need to qualify for the offer by placing a bet with the bookmaker on an eligible football match. Some bookmakers announce specific matches for bore-draw offers where others such as Bet365 run the offer for every match in specific leagues. Eligible markets to qualify for the offer may vary also which is worth checking with the bookmaker. With some, you may have to place a bet on a correct score and others it may be a match result.

After placing an eligible back bet with the bookmaker, you simply lay your bet on a betting exchange. You can use a matched betting calculator to determine the ideal stake for your lay bet. By doing so, you have covered all outcomes and will win either your bookmaker bet or your exchange bet. You won’t make any profit from these bets as they cancel each other out and will likely make a small loss due to exchange commissions and the difference between the back and lay odds.

If the match ends in a goalless 0-0 draw, you will receive your stake back. However, you will also win one of your bets. Therefore, you have received your stake back for free which is your profit! (minus any qualifying losses).

If your refund is as cash then you can simply withdraw this as a profit. If your stake is refunded as a free bet then you can again back and lay a bet to extract a cash profit from it. You can expect to retain around 80% of your free bet as cash. For example, if you received a £10 free bet, you could expect to turn it into around £8 cash by matched betting.

Keeping Qualifying Losses Low

As you can expect to go a number of games without receiving a refund, it is vital that you keep qualifying losses to a minimum so that when you do hit a refund, it puts you in profit. Aim for close matches where the back odds of the bookmaker are close to the lay odds on the exchange and for qualifying losses of around £0.50 per £10 stake.

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