How To Make Money When Kids Go Back To School

back to school

Summer is an expensive time for families. No sooner are you back from holiday before it’s time to start buying uniforms for returning to school in September. Who couldn’t use a little help with how to make money for when the kids go back to school?

The little darlings don’t stop growing and the cost of new blazers, shirts, trousers/skirts, shoes, coats and bags soon mount up. And, that’s not before an upgrade to the PE kit and the latest must-have trainers. Then there’s all those little things like, labels, stationary, text books, pencil cases (and contents), lunch boxes, water bottles and don’t forget to save enough for a bottle of wine for after you drop them off on the first morning back.

Joking aside, it can be quite a strain for a family getting by on average wages. A flexible way of earning some extra income would ease the stress at times like this as well as Christmas which you’ll soon be reminded is waiting to stretch the finances in the not too distant future.

Boost your income matched betting

Matched betting could be the answer if you and the household are looking to boost your income, either on a regular basis or to help out at the most expensive times of the year.

By exploiting promotions and offers provided by online betting sites, you can guarantee to make money following the guides on Best of all it’s tax-free and perfectly above board. Matched betting has been endorsed by trusted media sites such as the Guardian, The Telegraph, Money Saving Expert and many more.

Set aside around 30 minutes each day for matched betting and earn £500 per month, more if you have extra time to spare. The way it works is to place a bet on a selection to win with a bookmaker and bet the same selection to lose on a betting exchange such as Betfair Exchange. By backing both outcomes you are guaranteed almost all your money back whatever the result and you’ll qualify for a free bet. Use the same technique with the free bet and, because you don’t actually pay for the bet with the bookmaker, you make a guaranteed profit.

It typically costs 2.5% to 5% of the bet stake to qualify for a free bet from which you make about 80% of its value. So an offer like Ladbrokes bet £50 get £50 free bet will cost no more than £2.50 to earn a free bet which you can convert to £40 cash for an overall profit of £37.50. Not bad for about 10 mins effort.

Matched Bets 14-day trial for just £1

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed a bet before, Matched Bets provides step by step guides for every offer as well as a special calculator to work out the ideal stakes for a balanced profit whatever the outcome of the bet.

Join Matched Bets today and you‘ll get a 14-day trial for just £1. You’ll see for yourself how easy it is with the right tools and information plus your profits will pay for the first few months membership with change to spare.

It doesn’t cost much to get started, about £100 will cover the bets you need to place and you’ll see your bank increase fivefold in the first weeks so long as you keep doing the offers. Thousands of people up and down the country are using matched betting to earn an extra income and it’s a wonderfully flexible way to help out the family budget.



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